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Algernon Sidney and Ellen (Nichols) Bassett
Marion County, Illinois
Cooke County, Texas

Algernon Sidney "Sid" BASSETT, born 29 Mar 1845, Jefferson ­County, Indiana, son of Harvey Foster and Sarah (CHILTON) BASSETT. Sid had brown eyes and dark hair. Sid died 13 Feb 1935, Sarita, Kenedy County, Texas. Sid and Ellen are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Cooke County, Texas, near Gainesville.
    Sid married Frances Ellen NICHOLS 9 Oct 1867, Marion County, Illinois. She was born 12 Mar 1850, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois, daughter of David and Mary J. (FOSTER) NICHOLS. She died 4 Apr 1917, Sarita, Kenedy County, Texas.
    David NICHOLS was the son of David NICHOLS of Bloomfield, Massachusettsp a wealthy farmer. Mary J. FOSTER was born in Carlyle, Clinton County, Illinois.
    Sid's mother died when he was only 9 years old. His father remarried two years later. Life was not easy being a son of a farmer in the early days. It was very hard work.
    In 1857, Sid's father moved from Indiana to Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois, hoping to secure a better life for him­self and his family. The Bassetts were one of the early settlers of the county. They first lived in a log cabin, but soon built a nice frame home.
    They were turbulent times for the United States of America. There was much question on who had the most power, the Federal Government or the State Government. The south claimed they had the right to do as they pleased without the say of the Federal Government. The north said that the states must be united or all would fall. Then there was also the big question of slavery. Abraham Lincoln of Illinois was elected the first Republican president of the United States of America. He being the first commoner to do so. He was also the first president not belonging to a particular denomination. The great Civil War broke out. A sad waE splitting the nation in half. Brother against brother, cousins against cousins and fathers against sons. The Bassett's patriotism was never questione . They being from a very old and highly respected family of New England, stood strong for the Union, the country they loved and willing to die so that others may live, in a united land of freedom.
    On 7 Sep 1863, Algernon S. BASSETT enlisted into Company I of the 111th Illinois Infantry for the purpose of serving in the Union Army of the United States during the Civil War. Sid's father also served in Company I of the 111th Illinois US Infantry. Sid's father-in-law to be, David NICHOLS, was a Lieutenant in this same Infantry.

The following is from Sid's diary:

"Sunday Jan 1st 1865
    "This is the beginning of a new year. May peace dawn before its close. Cool but warmer than one year ago. I am at Mound City Ill. We are expecting to be paid soon. There has been no news from Sherman since he left Savannah Ga. Unwell.

"Tuesday 3rd
    "There is an examination for the V.R.C. The Dr. wants me to go into it but I would rather go to my Rgt. Unwell.

"Thursday 5th
    "There was a sale of the deceased Soldiers effects. They went very cheap.

"Tuesday 10th
    "Considerable snow and rain. I have a very bad cold. Hosp. full of sick."

On 17 Jul 1865, Sid was honorably discharged from the United States Army.,
    After the war, Sid returned home to Marion County, Illinois. He mar­ried in 1867 into the prominent Nichols family, also of Foster Township
    In 1869, sadness entered their family when at the age of 1 month and 10 days, thier first child died.
    On 21 Jun 1870, the census shows Sidny (25) and Ellen (21) BASSETT living in Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois with Sid's parents. They had a Lester Post Office. Sid was listed as a farmer.
    On 3 Jan 1871, Algernon purchased land in Section 23 of Foster Township from his father and step-mother for the price of $400.00.
    On 7 Apr 1873, Sid bought 40 acres, Section 23 of Foster Township, for $5.00 from his father and step-mother. This was in Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois, near the homestead.
    On 8 Nov 1878, the Marion County Herald says, "Dr. A. S. BASSETT resumes his practice at Pleasant Grove." Sid was a very intelligent man. He read and studied every­thing. He became a practicing country doctor in Pleasant Grove, an area in Foster Township.
    On 22 Jun 1880, the census shows Sindney (35) and Frances E. (30) BASSETT living in Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. With them were their children Walter age 9; Mary age 7; Amy age 5; and Harvey age 3. Also living with them was Ellen's brother Fillmore NICHOLS age 24. Sid and Fillmore were listed as farmers.
    On 9 Sep 1880, Sid purchased land from Ellen's parents at a cost of $682.00.
    After 1880 Sid and his wife and four children moved to Cooke County, Texas. They left Salem by wagon. The roads were bad and there were few bridges. When streams were up they camped and waited for the water to recede. The trip took 27 days.
    Sid purchased a farm 11 miles southwest of Woodbine from Henry NELSON, who had homesteaded it. After farming for three uears, he went into the nursery business. He named it SPRING DALE NURSERY. He operated it for approximately 20 years. He planted many trees including pine, oak, cedar, magnolia, pear, crepe myrtle and pe­can, of which are still living in 1988. One of the pine trees which is now dead, hit by lightning, exceeded the 1981 state cham­pion loblolly pine in diameter by 8 ". Sid also had a variety of shade and fruit trees and shrubs.
    In 1890, Sid was living in Cooke County, Texas, where he was listed a a veteran.
    In 1893, Sid won first prize at the 1893 Worlds Fair in Chicago for one of his newly propagated apples. The name of the apple was "Capitola."
    On 16 Jun 1900, the census shows A. S. (55) and Frances E. (50) BASSETT living in Precinct One, Cooke County, Texas. With them were children Mary age 26; and Amy age 25. Sid was listed as a nurseryman. They also had a boarder ___?___ CUMMINGS, who was listed as a farm laborer. Sid owned his farm/nursery free of morgage.
    In connection with his nursery business, he made fine wines from his fruits.
    On 4 Apr 1902, Frances E. BASSETT purchased Lot 2 and 3 in Block 6 in Patoka, Marion County, Illinois. The price was $95.00.
    On 30 Apr 1910, the census shows A. S. (65) and Frances E. (60) BASSETT living in Cameron County, Texas. They owned their own home. Living off of own income. With them was their daughter Mary BASSETT age 35. (Note: Cameron County is the most southern county in Texas. It borders Mexico and is on the Gulf of Mexico.)

    On 27 Jan 1920, the census shows the widowed S. Arthur BASSET age 75, living in District 193, Precinct 2; Willacy County, Texas. He was living alone in his own home. He owned his home free of morgage.
    On 4 Apr 1930, the census shows the widowed Sidney A. BASSETT age 85, living in Precinct 1, Cooke County, Texas with his son-in-law and family, Luther HAFFORD. Luther had a poultry farm. Their home was valued at $4,000.00. This was the home that Sid built when he moved to Texas.
    On 4 Aug 1932, the Kinmundy Express has, "East Zion News: Sidney BASSETT returned to Texas last Friday." <
    On 13 Feb 1936, the Kinmundy Express has, "East Zion: Word has been received from Texas that Mr. A. S. BASSETT is very poorly."
    Sid had a brilliant mind and he never quit trying to learn more. He often wrote for magazines and newspapers.
    Oak Grove Cemetery, where Uncle Sid and Aunt Ellen Bassett were buried is located near Woodbine on CR 219. The Norrid family once lived here and the burial of Tabitha Norrid in 1876 appears to be the earliest. It is well maintained and in current use. Surveyed in 1975 by P.E. Glenn and in 2000 by Jack Ware.

Children of Algernon Sidney and Frances Ellen (NICHOLS) BASSETT:

1. Luella BASSETT, born 15 Apr 1869 and died 25 May 1869, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. She is buried in Sandy Branch Cemetery in Foster Township.

2. Walter Stephen BASSETT, born 31 Jan 1871, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. (See #2 following)

3. Mary Belle BASSETT, born 30 Mar 1875, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. (See #3 following)

4. Amy Florence BASSETT, born 30 Mar 1875, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. (See #4 following)

5. David Harvey BASSETT, born 27 May 1879, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. (See #5 following)

    The Bassett brothers when Uncle Sid visited Illinois. Left to Right: Grandpa Elmer, Uncle Lafe and Uncle Sid Bassett.

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