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The Ancestry
The Bassett Family
Marion County, Illinois


1st Generation In America

"Master" William Bassett, born c. 1600, England and died in 1667, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, New England. There is no proof of his parentage. He is also thought to not be the same William BASSETT who was in Holland with the Pilgrims. That William was a "Master Mason."

William married Elizabeth (___?___). Her identity has never been proven. She died before 1650.

William married 2nd Mary (TILDEN) LAPHAM, after 1651, the widow of Thomas LAPHAM. She was the daughter of Nathaniel and Lydia (HUCKSTEPE) TILDEN. She was christened 20 May 1610, Tenterden, Kent, England.

In Jul 1621, William and Elizabeth sailed to America on the ship "Fortune". It was the "2nd ship." The ship following the "Mayflower." They arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts 11 Nov 1621.

William arrived with a large provision of books, having the first real library in America.

William was chosen as one of the "Undertakers," those who would undertake all of the store's trading. He was also chosen as a "Purchaser." He was on the jury several times and several times appointed by the court to do legal duties of land.

William was rated one of the highest on the tax list, making him one of the largest land owners in Plymouth.

In 1637, William was a volunteer in the War against the Pequot Indians.

In 1643, William was one of the members of Captain Myles Standish's military company.

In 1645, Duxburo was grannted a plantation, to the west, four miles in each direction from a given center. This was divided between fifty-four, the original proprietors of Duxburo. William was one of them.

In 1652, William was made Constable of Duxburo.

By 1655, William had moved to Bridgewater, being one of the original proprietors there.

William was a highly educated man. His library attests to that. He was also a man of "high birth," as he was one of the few who was entitled to the title of "Master," which was later changed to "Mister."

By trade in New England, William was a worker of metals and a "Gunsmith."

One of William's swords is on exhibition in Pilgrim Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

In 1815, historian, F. G. BASSETT, said, "even as William BASSETT was one of the largest landowners in the early day, in 1815 his descendants paid the largest tax in Bridgewater."

I will add William's Will at a later date.

Children of William and Elizabeth (___?___) BASSETT:

1-1.William BASSETT, born 1624, Plymouth, Massachusetts. He married Mary RAYNESFORD.(See Generation 2, following)

1-2. Elizabeth BASSETT, born 1626, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth married 1st Thomas BURGESS, Jr. 8 Nov 1648. She was married for 13 years and then got the first recorded divorce in Plymouth Colony, because of "Thomas' misconduct with Lydia GUANT, a Quaker girl." Thomas and Lydia eloped to Newport, Rhode Island, where they reared a family.

Elizabeth was said to have married 2nd to William HATCH.

1-3. Nathaniel BASSETT, born 1628, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Nathaniel married 1st Dorcas JOYCE. She was born 1640, Sandwich, Massachusetts, daughter of John and Dorothy (___?___) JOYCE. She died 10 Jun 1707.

Children of Nathaniel and Dorcas (JOYCE) BASSETT:

1-3-1. Mary BASSETT. She married Mr. MULFORD.

1-3-2. Nathaniel BASSETT. He married Joannah BORDEN and had seven children.

1-3-3. Joseph BASSETT.

1-3-4. Ruth BASSETT.

1-3-5. Samuel BASSETT.

1-3-6. Hannah BASSETT. She married Mr. COVELL.

1-3-7. Sarah BASSETT. She married Mr. NICKERSON.

1-3-8. Nathan BASSETT. He married Mary CROWELL. They had seven children.

1-3-9. Dorcas BASSETT.

1-4. Joseph BASSETT, born 1629, Plymouth, Massachusetts. He died 1713.

Joseph married 1st Mary LAPHAM 1658. Mary was born 1641. She died 1676.

Joseph married 2nd Martha HOBART 16 Oct 1677. She was the daughter of Edmund HOBART.

Ozias Buell BASSETTE was the 4-greats-grandson of Joseph. He added the "e" to the end of the name and so all of his descendents go by BASSETTE.

1-5. Sarah BASSETT, born 1630, Plyouth, Massachusetts. She died 1711.

Sarah married Peregrine WHITE 1648. He was born 1620, onboard the "Mayflower," off the shore of Plymouth, Massachusetts, making him the first child born to the Pilgrims in New England. He was the son of William and Susanna (FULLER) WHITE. He died 1703, Marshfield, Massachusetts.

In 1665, Peregrine was granted 200 acres by General Court "in respect that he was the first English that was born in these parts."

In 1673, Peregrine was Captain of the Militia.

In 1698, Peregrine joined the Pilgrim Church, in his 78th year.

They had 6 children.

1-6. Ruth BASSETT, born 1632, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Ruth married John SPRAGUE 1655. He was the son of Francis and Anna (___?___) SPRAGUE. He died 1676.

The following taken from "Saints and Strangers," by George F. WILLISON: "Francis SPRAGUE, said to have been of "Ardent temperament," obtained leave "to keepe a victualling" on the Duxburrow side having his license suspended for a time the next year for "drinking overmuch" and tolerating too much jollity. His son John was a spark off the old flame, it appears, and spent hours in the stocks for "highly misdemeaning himself in the house of James Cole of Plymouth, near unto or on the evening before the Sabbath Day, in drinking, gaming, and uncivill revelling, to the dishonor of God and the offense of this government, by his gameing and bringing of his mare uncivilly into the parlour of James COLE aforesaid."

Ruth married 2nd Mr. (John?) THOMAS.


2nd Generation

"Mr." William Bassett, born 1624, Plymouth, Massachusetts, New England. He died 10 June 1670, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

William married Mary RAYNESFORD 1652. She was born 1 Jun 1632, Boston, Massachusetts, daughter of "Elder" Edward and Mary (___?___) RAYNESFORD. She died 12 Apr 1694, Falmoth, Massachusetts.

In 1643, William was a member of the Military Company under Captain Myles STANDISH. William BASSETT and William BASSETT, Jr. were on the "rolls of males between the ages of 16 and 60 able to perform military duty in August, 1643" at Duxbury, Massachusetts.

William was one of the original settlers of Sandwich, Massachusetts. He was one of the few men in the colony called "Mr." At that time it was pronounced Master and later changed to Mister.

In 1657, William was Collector and Constable of Sandwich.

In 1659, William was licensed to set up an "Ordinary" and to draw wines and sell spiritous liquors.

In 1662, William was Deputy to General Court at Plymouth.

In 1670, William died leaving minor children. Mr. WINSLOW and Mr. HINCKLEY were chosen as guardians, both of whom later became goernors of the colony.

In Jun 1671, William's widow, Mary, married Lieut. James PERCIVAL. Lieut. PERCIVAL had moved from Virginia to Massachusetts the previous year. When Lieut PERCIVAL died, his will provided for his wife, Mary; his children John, James and Elizabeth; his wife's daughter, Sarah (BASSETT) LEWES; wife's son Nathan BASSETT; and grandson, John WILLIAMS.

Children of William and Mary (RAYNESFORD) BASSETT:

2-1. Mary BASSETT, born 21 Nov 1654, Massachusetts. She died before 1692.

Mary married John REDDING 22 Aug 1676. He was the son of Thomas REDDING.

2-2. William BASSETT, born 1656, Massachusetts. He married Rachel WILLISON (See Generation 3, following).

2-3. Nathan BASSETT, born 1657, Massachusetts. He died 1743, Chilmark, Massachusetts.

Nathan married Mary HUCKINS 1690, Barnstable, Massachusetts. She was born 3 Apr 1673, daughter of John and Hope (CHIPMAN) HUSKINS. She died 8 Nov 1743.

Nathan and Mary lived in Sandwich and Falmouth, Massachusetts, then later moved to Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard Island, Massachusetts.

In 1724, Nathan donated the site for the church on Abel's Hell.

In 1743, at Nathan's death, his estate showed property valued at £256-18-8.

2-4. Sarah BASSETT, born before 1662, Massachusetts.

Sarah married Thomas LEWES of Falmouth, Massachustts.


3rd Generation

Colonel William Bassett, born 1656, Massachusetts. He died 29 September 1721, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

William married Rachel WILLISON 9 October 1675, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Thomas WILLISON (WILLINTON, WILLISTON, WILDINSON) of Tauton.

From 1689 to 1691, William was Chief Marshal of Plymouth Colony.

In 1689, he was a member of Council of War.

In the years 1690, 1697, 1699, 1702, 1706 and 1707, William was Deputy.

In 1702, William became a Major.

In 1707, William became a Colonel.

William was Special Justice for the Indians (Native Americans).

From 1710 to 1715, William was one of the Judges of the Superior Court. Later and until his death, he was Register of Probate.

The inscription on William's gravestone in the Sandwich Burying Groud reads:

Here lies ye body of Colonel William
          Bassett, Esq. wo departed this life
          Sept. the 29th 1721 in ye 65th year of
          his age. He was a gentleman of great
          worth and usefulness. Blessed are
          the dead that dye in the Lord.

Children of William and Rachel (WILLISON) BASSETT:

3-1. Mary BASSETT, born 20 Oct 1676, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Mary married Nathan BOURNE 3 Feb 1698. He was the son of Elisha and Patience (SKIFFE) BOURNE. Nathan's Uncle Stephen SKIFFE had a great-great-granddaughter, Keturah WEST, who married Elisha BASSETT (See Generation 6, following). Nathan's sister, Abigail, married Mary's brother William (See #3-3).

3-2. Rachel BASSETT, born 25 Oct 1679, Sandwich, Massachusetts. She died 1744.

Rachel married Joseph FOSTER 8 Sep 1696. He was the son of John FOSTER.

3-3. William BASSETT, born 1680, Sandwich, Massachusetts. Married Abigail BOURNE.(See Generation 4, following)

3-4. Jonathan BASSETT, born n Sandwich, Massachusetts. He died 13 Dec 1683, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

3-5. Nathan BASSETT, born 1 Mar 1685, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Nathan married Mary STETSON.

3-6. Jonathan BASSETT, born in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Jonathan married Mary GALE.

3-7. Thankful BASSETT, born in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Thankful married Matthias ELLIS. He was the son of Matthias ELLIS.


4th Generation

William BASSETT, born 1680, Sandwich, Massachusetts, son of Colonel William and Rachel (WILLISON) BASSETT. He died 3 February 1744, Sandwich, Massachusetts. He and Abigail are buried in Sandwich Buring Ground.

William married Abigail BOURNE 3 February 1709. Abigail was born 22 Jul 1684, Sandwich, Massachusetts, daughter of Elisha and Patience (SKIFF) BOURNE. She died 15 Feb 1764, Sandwich, Massachusetts. Patience was the daughter of James SKIFFE, emigrant to America from England, who lived on Martha's Vineyard Island.

Children of William and Abigail (BOURNE) BASSETT:

4-1. Mary BASSETT, born 24 Dec 1709, Sandwich, Massachusetts. She married Elikim TUPPER 28 Mar 1734.

4-2. William BASSETT, born 23 Nov 1711, Sandwich, Massachuetts. He died 1791.

William married 1st Lydia SMITH Dec 1734. She died 1770.

William married 2nd Nellie (LUMBARD) BARROWS 1770.

4-3. Elisha BASSETT, born 15 Feb 1714, Sandwich, Massachusetts. He died 12 Feb 1793, Dennis, Massachusetts. He and Ruhamah are buried in Dennis, Massachusetts.

Elisha married Ruhamah JENNINGS 11 Oct 1739. She was born 1 May 1716. She died 9 Jun 1797.

4-4. John BASSETT, born 11 Apr 1716, Sandwich, Massachusetts. He died 1781.

John married Mercy NEWCOMB 24 Oct 1742.

4-5. Thomas BASSETT, born 4 Jan 1718, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Thomas married Patience TOBY 13 Feb 1749. She was the daughter of Cornelius TOBY.

4-6. Nathaniel BASSETT, born 15 Oct 1719, Sandwich, Massachusetts.(See Generation 5, following)

4-7. Jonathan BASSETT, born 6 May 1721, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Jonathan married Mary FREEMAN 10 Nov 1748.

4-8. Abigail BASSETT, born 10 Mar 1722/23, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Abigail married vEliakim TOBEY 17 Apr 1740. He was the son of Samuel TOBEY.

4-9. Elizabeth BASSETT, born 15 Feb 1725, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth married Timothy CHIPMAN 23 Jan 1752. He was the son of Samuel CHIPMAN.

4-10. Nathan BASSETT, born 17 Dec 1727, Sandwich, Massachusetts. He died 1728, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

4-11. Hannah BASSETT, born 1730, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Hannah married Isaac SMITH 23 Jan 1752.


5th Generation

Nathaniel Bassett, born 15 October 1719, Sandwich, Massachusetts, New England, son of William and Abigail (BOURNE) BASSETT. He died 1814, Falmouth, Massachusetts.

Nathaniel married Hannah HALL, 4 Ju11745, Yarmouth, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (SEARS) HALL.

Nathaniel was a Shoemaker in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Children of Nathaniel and Hannah (HALL) BASSETT:

5-1. Rebecca BASSETT, born 23 Oct 1747, Sandwich, Massachusetts. She died 28 Oct 1821.

Rebecca married Timothy CHASE, 23 Nov 1773. He was the brother of Waitstill Mercy (CHASE) WEST, Keturah's mother, the wife of Elisha BASSETT, Rebecca's brother.

Timothy was a miller at Homes Hole, Martha's Vineyard Island, Massachusetts. He was born 22 Jun 1745, the son of Abraham CHASE. He died 28 Apr 1818. His inventory of estate was $6,806.72.

Timothy built the windmill formerly situated on Main Street, Vineyard Haven.

Children of Timothy and Rebecca (BASSETT) CHASE:

5-1-1. Abigail CHASE.

5-1-2. child CHASE.

5-1-3. Benjamin CHASE.

5-1-4. Timothy CHASE.

5-1-5. Deliverance CHASE.

5-1-6. Rebecca CHASE.

5-1-7. Hannah CHASE.

5-2. Joseph BASSETT, born 3 Sep 1749, Sandwich, Massachusetts. He died 1817.

Joseph married Grace WEBB.

Joseph took part in what came to be called, “The Boston Tea Party.”

5-3. Abigail BASSETT, born Sep 1751, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Abigail married David BUTLER.

5-4. Edmund BASSETT, born Ju11753, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Edmund was a soldier in the American Revolutionary War.

5-5. Hannah BASSETT, born May 1755, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Hannah married Joseph DIMMICK.

5-6. Nathaniel BASSETT, born 26 Jan 1758, Sandwich, Massachusetts. He died 1846. Lee, Massachusetts.

Nathaniel married Bethia SMITH.

In 1777, Nathaniel was a Sgt and Minuteman in defense of the coast during the American Revolutionary War.

In 1778, Nathaniel was a Mariner on frigate “Cabot” during the Revolutionary War.

Child of Nathaniel and Bethia (SMITH) BASSETT:

5-6-1. Isaac BASSETT, born 1797.

5-7. Elisha BASSETT, born 11 Feb 1761, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Elisha married Keturah WEST. They had seven children. (See 6th Generation, following)

5-8. Stephen BASSETT, born 1763, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

5-9. Jonathan BASSETT, born 1765, Sandwich, Massachusetts.

In 1814, he was mentioned in his brother’s, Elisha’s, will as living in Hamilton County, Ohio.

5-10. Anselm/Ancel BASSETT, born 20 Jul 1768, Sandwich, Massachusetts. He died 14 Jul 1837, Lee, Massachusetts. His name was written as both Anselm and Ancel in different records.

Anselm married Hannah DIMMICK/DIMOCK 11 Apr 1793. She was born 5 Jan 1778, daughter of Sylvanus and Thankful (HATCH) DIMOCK. She died 26 Jul 1853, Lee, Massachusetts.

Child of Anselm and Hannah (DIMMICK) BASSETT:

5-10-1. Cynthia BASSETT, born 28 Jan 1802, Lee, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

5-11. Isaac BASSETT, born 28 Oct 1770, Sandwich, Massachusetts. Died in 1779.


6th Generation

Elisha Bassett, born 11 Feb 1761, Sandwich, Massachusetts, New England, the son of Nathaniel and Hannah (HALL) BASSETT. He died 28 Sep 1814, Hamilton County, Ohio. He was buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Smyrna Township, Jefferson County, Indiana. He is listed there by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

He married 1st Mercy SHERMAN, of Rochester, Massachusetts, 23 Mar 1786. She was born 30 Aug 1765. She died 11 Mar 1793.

He married 2nd Keturah WEST, 14 Ju11993, Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard Island, Massachusetts. She was born 30 Oct 1770, Tisbury, Martha’s Vineyard Island, Massachusetts, the daughter of John and Waitstill Mercy (CHASE) WEST.

He married 3rd to Abigail DILLINGHAM, of Sandwich, 30 May 1799.

Elisha was a Shoemaker, the trade of which his father belonged.

Elisha was a soldier and patriot in the American Revolutionary War. In 1780, he was a private in Captain Nathan TOBEY’s company on the Rhode Island Alarm.

About 1783, Elisha moved from Sandwich on mainland Massachusetts to Homes Hole on Martha’s Vineyard Island, where he bought land bordering on the harbor.

In 1801, Elisha sold his property in Tisbury and moved to Jefferson County, Indiana. He later moved to Hamilton County, Ohio, which was bordering Jefferson County, Indiana.

Elisha had three children by Keturah and four children by Abigail.

The Will of Elisha Bassett
“In the Name of God Amen, I Elisha BASSETT of Mill Creek township state of Ohio, Shoemaker, being very sick and weak in body but in perfect mind and memory, thanks be Given to God calling into mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to diet do make and ordain this my last will and testament, that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my Executors, nothing doubting but at the General resurrection I shall Receive the same again by the Almighty power of God and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life I give devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form first I give to Elisha BASSETT my elder son and Henry BASSETT, my younger son all my Lands Lying over the big Miami on Indian Creek to be equally divided between them each one to be into possession immediately after they arrive at the age of twenty-one. Secondly I give to Abigail BASSETT my be­loved wife the use of my house place with the stock except such as has been disposed of previous to this during her widowhood but if she Marries then and in that case it is to be Equally divided among my sons and daughter reserving from this time a privilege to my Daughter Catherine W. Bassett of a home then to go and come at pleasure and I do constitute make and ordain Jonathan BASSETT of said state together with Enos HURIN my sole Executors and administrators o this my last will and testament and I do hereby utterly disallow Revoke and disannul all and every other former testaments, wills, Legacies, bequests and executors by me in any wire before Named willed and bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty-first day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fourteen. Elisha BASSETT Signed Sealed published pronounced and declared by the said Elisha BASSETT as his Last will and testament in the presence of each other who have here unto subscribed our Names. JNO FOREMEN Elijah FOARD. Thereupon on the same day Jonathan FOREMEN and Elijah FOARD two of the subscribing witnesses of the last will and Testament of Elisha BASSETT de­ceased personally appeared in open court and were duly sworn and examined accord­ing to law touching the due execution of said will as appears (affidavit) from the endorsements and the testimony therein. The State of Ohio, Hamilton County. So Be it remembered that in the term of December in the year of our Lord eighteen Hundred and fourteen of the court of Common Pleas of Hamilton county aforesaid held in the town of Cincinnati personally appeared in open court Jonathan FORMAN and Elijah FOARD the two subscribing witnesses to the foregoing will Elisha BAS­SETT deceased who being duly sworn depose and say that they were personally present when said testator Elisha BASSETT signed sealed declared and acknowledged said instrument of writing to be his last will and testament and that they subscribed their names as witness thereto in the presence of said testator and at his request and further say not. Sworn in open court the 16th day of (endorsement) December 1814. John S. GANOUK, filed in court 16th Dec 1814 and proven by Jonathan FOREMAN and Elijah FOARD to subscribing witnesses. Now here to wit on the same day our said court made (Probate) an order herein as follows. Will of Elijah BASSETT proven by two subscribing witnesses viz. Jonathan FOREMAN and Elijah FOARD. Enos (HAUIN or HARIN) Eszr. one of the Exrs. of decd named in will sworn in open court 16th December 1814.”

Children of Elisha and Keturah (West) Bassett:

6-1. Catherine West BASSETT, -born 28 Apr 1794, Tisbury, Martha’s Vineyard Island, Massachusetts. She died 13 Oct 1848. She moved to Ohio with her father, but sometime moved back to Massachusetts where she married in Mr. LANGDON, 31 Aug 1824.

6-2. Elisha BASSETT, Jr., -born 28 Apr 1796, Tisbury, Martha’s Vineyard Island, Massachusetts. He died 22 Feb 1860, Jefferson County, Indiana. He married Elizabeth FOSTER 20 Feb 1816, Jefferson County, Indiana. They had five children. (See 7th Generation, following)

6-3. Mercy BASSETT, -born 2 Mar 1797, Tisbury, Martha’s Vineyard Island, Massachusetts. She died 6 Feb 1829.

Children of Elisha and Abigail (DILLINGHAM) BASSETT:

6-4. Cynthia W. BASSETT, born 21 Apr 1801, probably Tisbury, Martha’s Vineyard Island, Massachusetts. She died 18 Sep 1824.

6-5. Sarah BASSETT, born 4 Nov 1803, Jefferson County, Indiana or Hamilton County, Ohio. She married Mr. CORNES 5 Mar 1824.

6-6. Stephen BASSETT, -born 17 Nay 1805, Jefferson County, Indiana or Hamilton County, Ohio. He died 3 Apr 1807.

6-7. Ancel Henry BASSETT, -born 1 Jul 1809, Jefferson County, Indiana, or Hamilton County, Ohio. He died 24 Aug 1837, Hamilton County, Ohio.


7th Generation

Elisha Bassett, Jr., born 28 April 1796, Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard Island, Massachusetts, United States of America, son of Elisha and Keturah (WEST) BASSETT. He died 22 February 1860, Jefferson County, Indiana.

Elisha married 1st Elizabeth FOSTER 20 February 1816, Jefferson County, Indiana. She was born 1794, Springfield Township, Hamilton County, Ohio, daughter of Gabriel and Permelia (CAMPBELL) FOSTER. She died 1847, Jefferson County, Indiana.

Elisha married 2nd Mary Ann WYNE 11 Oct 1852, Jefferson County, Indiana. After the death of Elisha, she married Alexander DINWIDDIE 25 Aug 1863, Jefferson County, Indiana.

Elisha spent the first 5 years of his life in Tisbury, Martha’s Vineyard Island, Massachusetts. His father was a Shoemaker there.

In 1801 his father sold all of his property in Massachusetts and moved to Jefferson County, Indiana. In Jefferson County, Indiana, Elisha lived out the rest of his life. Got married, raised a family and died.

On 2 Sep 1816, Elisha bought 160 acres in Section 20, NW1/4 T4N R9E in Jefferson County, Indiana.

In 1841, Elisha was a trustee for the Shiloh Methodist Church in Smyrna Township, Jefferson County, Indiana.

Elizabeth was born in Ohio, where her father and two brothers, Luke FOSTER and Gabriel FOSTER, had moved from Southampton, Long Island, New York, in the fall of 1788. When Elizabeth was 19 years old, her father moved to Indiana and she went with him. Her Uncle Zebulon FOSTER also went along. It was there where she met Elisha and married and spent the rest of her life.

Gabriel FOSTER was the son of Timothy and Bethia (HOWELL) FOSTER. Timothy was born in Southampton, Long Island, New York, son of Thomas and Hannah (HILDRETH) FOSTER. Thomas was born in Southampton, Long Island, New York, son of John and Hannah (ABBOT) FOSTER. John was born 8 Feb 1662, Southampton, Long Island, New York, son of John FOSTER. John was born 1634, Ewell, England, son of Christopher and Frances (STEVENS) FOSTER. Christopher was born 1603, Ewell, England, son of Andrew and Ann FOSTER. Christopher and Frances, along with their children, sailed to America on the ship "Abigail" in 1635.

Children of Elisha, Jr. and Elizabeth (FOSTER) BASSETT:

7-1. Stephen BASSETT, born 18 Feb 1817, Jefferson County, Indiana. He married Louisa Van Horn, 16 May 1839.

7-2. Harvey Foster Bassett, born 14 Jan 1820, Jefferson County, Indiana. He married 1st Mary SULLIVAN, Jefferson County, Indiana. He married 2nd Sarah CHILTON, Jackson County, Indiana. (See 8th Generation, following.)

7-3. Oliver Langdon BASSETT, born 16 Feb 1825, Jefferson County, Indiana. He died 18 Nov 1875. He married Elizabeth Jane MONTGOMERY 17 Feb 1849. She was born in 1831. She died 28 May 1904, Lebanon, Indiana.

7-3-1. William Henry BASSETT, born 1856. He died 1911. He married Mary E. ROBINETTE.

    7-3-1-1. Minnie Alice BASSETT, married Reed HOLLOMAN. They lived Santa Fe, New Mexico.

7-4. Ancel Henry BASSETT, born 31 Aug 1832, Jefferson County, Indiana. He died 5 Sep 1859, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. He is buried in Sandy Branch Cemetery, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. He is buried with the Harvey Foster BASSETT Family. He never married.

7-5. Hannah BASSETT, born 1834, Jefferson County, Indiana.

Child of Elisha, Jr. and Mary Ann (WYNE) BASSETT:

7-6. Cynthia Ann BASSETT, born 25 Dec 1859, Jefferson County, Indiana. She died 3 Oct 1877. She is buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Smyrna Township, Jefferson County, Indiana. This is located south of Volga.

Note: Mrs. Minnie Alice HOLLOMAN (#7-3-1-1) is the one who compiled the original Bassett genealogy. She gave a copy of it to her 1st cousin, once removed, Elmer BASSETT of Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. That is the genealogy that I was given by my Grandmother Grace (BASSETT) CONANT. Minnie was a member of the "Daughters of the American Revolution" through her descent from Elisha BASSETT, father of Elisha BASSETT, Jr., who was the father of her grandfather, Oliver Langdon BASSETT and of Elmer's father Harvey Foster BASSETT. It might also be noted that Harvey Foster BASSETT received his middle name from his mother's maiden name. Also noted is that Harvey had a cousin named Algernon Sidney FOSTER, nephew of Elizabeth (FOSTER) BASSETT, Harvey's mother. Harvey named his first son Algernon Sidney BASSETT. Further proof of this family being descended from Elisha BASSETT, Minnie's grandfather's middle name was LANGDON, named for his Aunt Catherine West (BASSETT) LANGDON. Elisha BASSETT is also written in the Harvey Foster BASSETT Family Bible in Harvey's handwriting, as it says, "Father died Feb the 22 1860," which is followed by, "Elisha Bassett Born April 28 1796 Died Feb 22nd 1860," written in the same old ink and handwriting.


8th Generation

Harvey Foster Bassett & Sarah Chilton Bassett

Harvey Foster Bassett, born 14 January 1820, Jefferson County, Indiana. He died 20 January 1890, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. He was the first of the line to be born outside of Massachusetts. He was also the first of the family in Marion county, Illinois.

Harvey married 1st Mary Sullivan 2 September 1841, by whom he had six children: Elizabeth Jane, Frances Ann, Algernon Sidney (Settled in Gainesville, Cook County, Texas), Mary Catherine, Sarah Armilda and Permelia Bassett.

Harvey married 2nd Sarah Chilton 14 August 1856, Jackson County, Indiana. He had six more children by her: Arthena Bell (Settled in Gainesville, Cook County, Texas), Ancil Henry, Lafayette (Remained in Foster Township.), Angel, Charles (Both died young) and Elmer Bassett (Remained on Family Homestead.).


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Compiled by:
(Great-Great-Grandson of Harvey Foster and Sarah (Chilton) Bassett)

Stephen P. H. Frakes
321 South Franklin Avenue
Salem, Illinois 62881-2120

12 March 2017

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