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My Family's Descent from

George Soule
who in 1620
arrived on the Mayflower

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday ever since I was a child. As I grew up and learned more about the holiday, its origin in America and anciently, I have grown to love it even more. It is a day of showing thanks but is not associated with a religion.

I have three ancestors who arrived in this country on the MAYFLOWER. Two on my mother's side of the family and one on my father's. The two on my mother's side were "Elder" William Brewster, who was the elder of the Pilgrim Church, their pastor (Check out his estate at Through The Looking Glass.) ; and "Master" Richard Warren. The ancestor from my father's side was George Soule. All three lived through the first hard winter and were at the first Festival in Plymouth, Massachusetts in the autumn of 1621. The Festival which later became known as the First Thanksgiving.

This web page is dedicated to our ancestor George Soule and our line of descent from him.

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1. George SOULE, born 1595, Tingrith, Bedford, England, possibly son of William SOULE. George died 22 Jan 1679, Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, New England.
    George married Mary BECKETT/BUCKETT before 1626, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. She was born 17 Jan 1590, Aldersgate, London, England, daughter of Sylvester and Elizabeth (HILL) BECKETT. Mary died 16 Dec 1676, Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, New England.
    George Soule's origins in England have not been proven, but the most promising record found to date is the baptism of a George Soule on 9 February 1595 at Tingrith, Bedford, son of William SOULE. Other Soule families using the name George can also be found in Sudbury, Suffolk, and Flitwick, Bedford.
    In 1620, George SOULE came to America on the MAYFLOWER. He was a servant of the Edward WINSLOW family, which would indicate that he was under the age of 25 years at the time. George was a signer of the Mayflower Compact, which proves that he was at least the age of 21.
    By May 1627, George SOULE received a Division of Cattle. At the time he was married to Mary and had one son, Zachariah.
    Beginning in 1642 and for a number of years after, George SOULE was Deputy to the Plymouth Court.
    In 1637, George SOULE volunteered for service in the Pequot War, but troops were never needed in Plymouth so he never saw battle.
    George SOULE was on various committees, juries, and survey teams, during his life in Duxbury.
    In 1646, he was appointed to the committee to deal with Duxbury's problem of the disorderly smoking of tobacco.
    On 11 Aug 1677, George SOULE made out his will: "In the Name of God Amen I Gorge Soule senir of Duxberry in the Collonie of New Plymouth in New England being aged and weake of body but of a sound mind and Memory praised be God Doe make this my last Will and Testament in Manor and forme following Imprimis I comitt my soule into the hands of Almighty God whoe Gave it and my body to be Decently buried in the place appointed for that use whensoever hee shall please to take mee hence; and for the Disposall of my outward estate which God of his Goodnes hath Given mee first I have and alreddy formerly by Deeds under my hand and seale Given unto my two sonnes Nathaniel: and Gorge All my lands in the Township of Dartmouth; Item I have formerly Given unto my Daughters Elizabeth and Patience all my lands in the Township of Middleberry Item I Give and bequeath unto my Daughters Sussannah and Mary twelve pence a peece to be payed by my executer heerafter Named after my Decease; And forasmuch as my Eldest son John Soule and his family hath in my extreame old age and weaknes bin tender and carefull of mee and very healpfull to mee; and is likely soe to be while it shall please God to continew my life heer therfore I give and bequeath unto my said son John Soule all the Remainder of my housing and lands whatsoever to him his heires and Assignes for ever Item I Give and bequeath unto my son John Soule all my Goods And Chattles whatsoever Item I Nominate And appoint my son John Soule to be my sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament; and lastly I Doe heerby make Null and voyde all other and former wills and Testaments by mee att Any time made; and Declare this Instrument to be my last Will and Testament In Witnes wherof I the said Gorge Soule have heerunto sett my hand and seale this eleventh Day of August in the year of our Lord one Thousand six hundred seaventy and seaven; Gorge Soule and a seale The above Named Gorge Soule Did signe seale and Deliver this Instrument to be his Last Will and Testament in the prsence of us Nathaniell Thomas The Marke D T of Deborah Thomas"
    On 20 Sep 1677, George SOULE added a condicil to his will. The codicil is quite interesting as it gives a little insight into a family squabble between George's son John and daughter Patience: "I the above Named Gorge Soule Doe heerby further Declare that it is my will that if my son John Soule above named or his heires or Assignes or any of them shall att any time Disturbe my Daughter Patience or her heires or Assignes or any of them in peacable Posession or Injoyment of the lands I have Given her att Namassakett allies Middleberry and Recover the same from her or her heires or Assignes or any of them That then my Gift to my son John Soule shall shalbe voyd; and that then my will is my Daughter Patience shall have all my lands att Duxburrey And she shalbe my sole executrix of this my last Will and Testament And enter into my housing lands and meddowes att Duxburrow, In Witnes wherof I have heerunto sett my hande and seale; Gorge Soule and A seal The above Named George Soule Did Signe and seale to this addition in the prsence of us Nathaniel Thomas The Marke D T of Deborah Thomas"

Their Daughter:

2. Susannah SOULE, born circa 1642, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, daughter of George and Mary (BUCKETT) SOULE. Susannah 2 Jan 1716, Kingston, Washington County Rhode Island.
    Susannah married Francis WEST circa 1660, Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He was born 1640, Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts, son of Matthew WEST. Francis died 6 Sep 1687, Kingston, Washington County, Rhode Island.

Their Son:

3. John WEST, born circa 1661, Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, son of Francis and Susannah (SOULE) WEST. John died 26 Sep 1737, Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts.
    John married Mehitable BULLOCK circa 1678, Bristol County, Massachusetts. She was born 4 Apr 1655, Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (INGRAHAM) BULLOCK. Mehitable died 15 Feb 1729, Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts.
    On 2 Sep 1701, John WEST, son of Francis WEST of Kingstown, according to his bonds, made his lawful appearance in court (Rhode Island General Court of Trials 1671-1704, by Jane Fletcher Fiske, 1998, page 205.)

Their Daughter:

4. Elizabeth WEST, born 30 Nov 1694, Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, daughter of John and Mehitable (BULLOCK) WEST. Elizabeth died 3 Sep 1760 Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts.
    Elizabeth married James WHEELER, Jr. 8 Mar 1716, Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts. He was born 27 Mar 1697, Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts, son of James and Grizzell (SQUIRE) WHEELER (See Wheeler Genealogy). James died 22 Apr 1740, Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts.

Their Son:

5. James WHEELER, born 4 Mar 1720/21, Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, New England, son of James and Elizabeth (WEST) WHEELER. James died 21 Feb 1804, Washington County, Virginia.
    James married Abigail BROWN 7 Apr 1744, Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. She was born 5 Dec 1720, daughter of Samuel and Ann (DARLING) BROWN. Abigail died in Smythe County, Virginia. She may have married 2nd to Amos DEAN, Washington County, Virginia. (Samuel and Ann were married 13 Oct 1708, Mendon, Massachusetts. Ann was born 20 Apr 1689, Mendon, Massachusetts. Ann died 2 Jan 1753, Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts.)
    James was in the Virginia Calvary during the Revolutionary War of Independence.
    The Will of James WHEELER, of Washington County, Virginia, dated Feb 1804:
    "weak of body but of perfect mind and memory", "1. To my two sons Stephen and Oliver a tract in Washington County, Virginia known as the Temple Tract purchased of Edward Morgan, equally divided, of 126 acres on condition that each Stephen and Oliver shall pay to John's son Jesse WHEELER two years after John's deceased three cows and calves each for his share of the tract;
    "2. to my two grandsons, Oliver WHEELER, Jr., son of Jesse, and James COLE, son of Sampson COLE 200 acres on Beaver Dam Creek in Washington County Tennessee, which is in Stephen's name;
    "3. to my two daughters Abigail JAYNE and Lyda COLE wives of Henry JAYNE and Sampson COLE equally divided between them, my part of these Tennessee tracts: 100 acres in Washington County Tennessee on Beaver Dam Creek by patent dated Feb 27, 1796, including the area known as the Little Bottoms, in Stephen's name; also 50 acres also in Stephen's name dated December 2, 1796 in Sullivan County Tennessee on the said Beaver Dam Creek;
    "4. all the rest of my personal estate to my wife Abigail WHEELER a life estate, then equally divide the household furniture between my daughters Abigail JAYNE and Lida COLE and all the rest of my personal property equally to my three sons Jesse, Oliver and Stephen WHEELER, and to explain the land given to my daughters above the patent wherein they are given 100 acres contains 400 acres and the other where they are given 50 acres contains 100 acres;
    "5. Stephen WHEELER and Sampson COLE to be executors. Feb 28, 1804
"James (X) WHEELER
"wit: John BYARS David MARTIN Stephen S. Wheeler, Jr."
Will Book 2 page 437, "proved in Court Feb 21, 1804 (???) on oath of David MARTIN, Oliver WHEELER and Joel HUBBLE"

Their Daughter:

6. Abigail WHEELER, born 31 Jan 1751, Orange County, New York, daughter of James and Abigail (BROWN) WHEELER. She died 12 Jul 1824, Scott County, Virginia.
    Abigail married Henry JAYNE 1773, Orange County, New York. He was born 13 Feb 1754, Orange County, New York, son of Isaac and Mary (JONES) JAYNE (See JAYNE Genealogy). He died 23 Jan 1828, Washington County, Virginia.
    During, or shortly after the war (American Revolution), Henry moved from Orange County, New York to Washington County, Virginia. He settled on the Middle Fork of the Holston River.
    On 1 Mar 1816, Henry and Abigail sold their land on Middle Fork and moved to South Fork of the Holston River, which is where he lived when he died in 1828.
    Henry’s will is recorded in Washington County, Virginia in Will Book 6: Page 14, was prepared on May 20, 1822, which was after the death of his son, Henry, and it was probated on 19 Feb 1828.

Their Daughter:

7. Hannah JAYNE, born 1786, Middle Fork of the Holston River, Washington County, Virginia, daughter of Henry and Abigail (WHEELER) JAYNE.
    Hannah married Peter MINKS 2 Apr 1807, Washington County, Virginia. He was born 1785, Virginia, (possibly the son of Johan MINK, Jr.) Peter died 1840/48, Monroe County, Indiana.
    In 1810, Peter was a property owner in Lee County, Virginia. His name was listed as Peter MINX on the property owners list.
    In 1820, Peter was living in Lee County, Virginia. There were 3 males and 2 females under 10; 2 males ages 10 to 15; 1 male and 1 female 26 to 44. They lived next to a Eliz. MINKS with one female 10 to 15 and 2 males under 10.
    In 1830, Peter was still living in Lee County, Virginia. There were 2 females under the age of 5; 1 male and 2 females ages 5 to 9; 2 males and 1 female ages 10 to 14; 1 male age 15 to 19; 1 male age 20 to 29; and 1 male and 1 female ages 40 to 49.

Their Daughter:

8. Margaret MINKS, born 1815/16, Lee County, Virginia, daughter of Peter and Hannah (JAYNE) MINKS. Margaret died after 14 Jun 1860 and before 30 Jul 1870, Beech Creek Township, Green County, Indiana. A granddaughter said he died between 1893 and 1895. He received his pension check up to the year 1893 in Pimento, Vigo County, Indiana. He is buried at Prairie Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Vigo County, Indiana.
    Margaret married Joseph ARTHUR 29 Sep 1840, Monroe County, Indiana. He was born in 1818/19, Knox County, Kentucky or Monroe County, Indiana, son of Joseph and Susanna (ARTHUR) ARTHUR.
    Joseph was said, by a granddaughter, Ella Arthur Liles, in a letter to my grandfather, William Philip FRAKES, to have been in the military and that he was under the command of a General Peter Taylor, for whom he named his son. I have not been able to find a General Peter Taylor.
    Joseph became blind at some point in his life. His granddaughter, who was born in 1886, did not remember when he could see.
    On 30 Sep 1850, the census shows Joseph (31) and Margaret (34) ARTHUR living in Beach Creek Township, Greene County, Indiana. With them were: Stephen ARTHUR age 9; James ARTHUR age 7; Abigail ARTHUR age 5; Pater ARTHUR age 4; and Jospeh ARTHUR age 1. Also living with them were two of Margaret’s sisters: Abigail MINKS age 32; and Hannah MINKS age 22. According to the census Joseph was born in Indiana and Margaret was born in Virginia. Their first child was listed as being born in Virginia.
    On 14 Jun 1860, the census shows Joseph (40) and Margaret (42) ARTHUR living in Beach Creek Township, Greene County, Indiana. With them were: Stephen T. ARTHUR age 18; James H. ARTHUR age 17; Abigail J. ARTHUR age 15; Peter T. ARTHUR age 13; Francis M. ARTHUR age 5; and Hannah M. C. ARTHUR age 3. Jospeh was a farmer and his real estate was valued at $400.00 and his personal property valued at $150.00. Joseph was still listed as having been born in Indiana, but now Stephen was also listed as being born in Indiana, but their youngest child, Hannah was listed as being born in Virginia.
    On 30 Jul 1870, the census shows Joseph ARTHUR age 52 living in Beach Creek Township, Greene County, Indiana. Newark Post Office. With him were: P. T. ARTHUR age 23; Francis M. ARTHUR age 15; and Hannah M. ARTHUR age 12. Also with them was Nancy CARPENTER age 26 and her three sons: Wm CARPENTER age 6; Sylvester CARPENTER age 4; and Wesley CARPENTER age 3. Joseph and P. T. were listed as a farmers. His real estate was valued at $800.00. His personal property was valued at $240.00. Joseph is listed as being born in Kentucky for the first time. Evernone else is listed as being born in Indiana.
    On 24 Jun 1880, the census shows Joseph ARTHER age 61 living in Wright Township, Greene County, Indiana. With him was his son and family, Peter (34) and Nancy (35) ARTHER; and their children Noah E. ARTHER age 9; and Charles F. ARTHER age 4; and also listed as Peter's son was J. W. CARPENTER age 12. Joseph is recorded as being blind. His father was born in North Carolina and his mother in Virginia. His daughter Margaret ARTHER age 23, born in Indiana, was also living with them.
    In 1893, Joseph was living in Pimento, Vigo County, Indiana.
    (See Arthur Genealogy, Chapter 4 for this family)

Their Daughter:

9. Hannah Margaret C. "Maggie" ARTHUR, born 1856/57, Indiana, daughter of Joseph and Margaret (MINKS) ARTHUR. She went by Margaret or Maggie. She died after 1910 and before 1920.
    Margaret married 1st Francis Marion "Chub" FRAKES 3 Nov 1886. He was born about 1859, Vigo County, Indiana, son of William and Martha Ann (McGLONE) FRAKES. (Frakes family web page at: )
    Margaret married 2nd James MEDAUGH 26 Jun 1897, Vigo County, Indiana. This was his 2nd marriage. James married 3rd to Laura A. ___?___ .
    Francis Frakes was a farmer. He was once kicked by a mule, which caused a poor health condition for him.
    In 1890, when William was born, Francis and Maggie were living in Pimento, Vigo County, Indiana.
    After the death of Francis and before her marriage to James, Margaret lived in the home of a wealthy business family, who lived high on a hill north west of West Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana. In a letter of 1948, a niece of Margaret’s, Ella (ARTHUR) LILIES of Forest, Ohio, wrote that she had become acquainted with this family and was surprised to find out that Margaret had worked for them. They told her that they very much liked Margaret. Ella also wrote that Margaret was the nicest persons she ever knew. This is when she had to put William into Rose Orphanage in Terre Haute. Ella was the daughter of Peter Taylor ARTHUR, Margaret's brother.
    James MEDAUGH would not let Maggie’s son, William Philip FRAKES, live with them. He had to remain in the orphanage.
    On 23 Apr 1910, the census shows James H. (53) and Margaret K. (52) MEADAUGH living in Richland Township, Monroe County, Indiana. Also with them was their son Albert MEADAUGH age 11. They were living with Margaret's widowed nephew and family, Archibald BLAKE age 38 and children: Clodie E. BLAKE age 9; Truban BLAKE age 6; and James H. BLAKE age 2. Also living there was Archibald's brother Aron BLAKE age 37. Everyone born in Indiana. Margaret had given birth to 3 children with 2 living. James H. and Archibald were both listed as farm laborers. They were renting their home.

Their Son:

10. William Philip "Bill" FRAKES, born 10 Mar 1890, Pimento, Vigo County, Indiana, son of Francis Marion and Hannah Margaret C. (ARTHUR) FRAKES (See Frakes Genealogy, Chapter 16). He died 14 Feb 1965, Veteran's Hospital, Marion, Williamson County, Illinois. Bill and Bea are both buried in East Lawn Cemetery, Salem, Marion County, Illinois.
    Bill married Beatrice Margaret Julietta "Bea" MERTEN Thursday, 3l Jan 1924, Vandalia, Fayette County, Illinois. They were married by Rev. John D. RUGH, D. D. of the Presbyterian Church. They roomed at Mrs. DIEKMAN’s Rooming House while in Vandalia. She was also their witness in their marriage. They returned home to Salem, then left Thursday, 14 Feb for their honeymoon in Chicago Illinois. They stayed at the Hotel Reo. Ate at the Englewood Cafe then went to the Fine Arts Museum at Grant Park. They went shoppllng in the "Loop" the following day. Bill bought Bea a new hat that she loved. On Saturday, 16 Feb, they went to Washington Park. On Sunday, 17 Feb, they went to the Stratford Theatre to see the movie "The Humming Bird" with Gloria SWANSON. On the 18th, they went to Harvey, Illinois to visit Bea's father and brother. Tuesday, 19 Feb, went to a fair, then shopping, then to the Majestic Theatre. They arrived home in Salem on the train on Wednesday evening, 20 Feb.
    Bea was born 13 Nov 1899, Shattuc, Clinton County, Illinois, daughter of Julius and Anna (MAIER) MERTEN. Bea died Wednesday, 23 Oct 1985, Doctor's Nursing Home, Salem, Marion County, Illinois.
    On 26 Jun 1894, William Frakes, age 4, was placed into Rose Orphange Home in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, by his mother. The first entry about him has, "Child of Francis Marion and Margaret FRAKES. Born at Farmersburg, Vigo County, March 4, 1890. Parents Americans and temperate. The father who was a farm hand, was subject to fits and died in the insane asylum at Indianapolis about three years ago. The mother was the daughter of a Mr. ARTHUR, a blind man who owns a 40 acre farm near Farmersburg and is unable to support the daughter or grand child. She seems to be in poor health and is going to the poor asylum. She claims to have supported herself with farm housework, but her hands do not look as though she had ever done much work. She has a relative in this city by the name of Parish."
    On 28 May 1896, according to the Rose Orphange Home records, "taken by his uncle John Franklin FRAKES, a young farmer living 2 mi. N.W. of Farmersburg, who is well recommended."
    In Jul 1898, according to the Rose Orphange Home records, "heard from by letter. Doing well."
    On 9 Jun 1900, the census shows William P. FRAKES living with his Uncle and Aunt, John F. and Corda M. FRAKES (See Frakes Genealogy, Chapter 15) in Curry Township, Sullivan County, Indiana. William was listed as being born Mar 1889.
    Bill's Aunt Corda (HANGER) FRAKES loved him very much, not having any living children of her own. She had Bill call her mother. She always called him Willie. Bill didn't like his Uncle Frank, who he said took him out of the orphanage only to work him hard on the farm.
    In 1906, Bill decided he didn't like farming for his uncle, he felt like he was being used as a servant by his uncle, so he went to Terre Haute and got a job with the C&EI (Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad), but because of his age, he still had to live with his uncle.
    On 19 Oct 1908, according to the Rose Orphange Home records, "William called today to get us to sign a paper giving our consent to his entering the army. He is a nice appearing young man and has been residing with his uncle at Farmersburg."
    On 17 Nov 1908, according to the Rose Orphange Home records, "William wrote from Vancouver. He is with Co. D."
    In 1908 Bill enlisted in the United States Army, in Terre Haute, Indiana, for six years. He was a Corporal with the 21st Infantry. He was a recruiting officer in Illinois and Indiana.
    On 22 Apr 1910, the census shows William P. FRAKES age 20 living in the United States Military Vancouver Barracks, Clark County, Washington.

    On 3 May 1910, the census shows William FRAKES age 20 living at the Rose Orphange in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana. There were several 18, 19 and 20 year olds listed there. Evidently they could use the orphanage as their home address while they served in the military.
    On 25 Oct 1910, according to the Rose Orphange Home records, "wrote John FRAKES at Farmersburg, Ind. regarding Wm. Never replied."
    On 20 Jan 1914, Corporal Wiliam P. FRAKES was appointed a recruiter by the Indiana National Guard located at 709 Wabash Avenue, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana. He was appointed by 1st Lieut H. M. COOPER.
    In 1914, he returned to work for the C&EI railroad.
    In 1915 he was made Brakeman for the C&EI Railroad. One day while Bill was traveling through Salem, he fell in love with the town and its people and decided to make his home in Salem, Marion County, Illinois. He lived for awhile in the Bachman House, where he rented a room. He later lived with Dr. George and Mrs. May (McMACKIN) RAINEY. He became very close to them and called Mrs. Rainey "Mother". He lived there until his marriage to Bea. The bed that he had at the Rainey's, is the bed that I have today. My father has an old mantel clock that Dr. Rainey gave grandpa also.
    On 17 Feb 1916, according to the Rose Orphange Home records, "Wm. is in West Salem, Illinois, in the USA Recruiting Station doing well, says his cousin L.L. FRAKES of Farmersburg." (Note: The cousin had it wrong, it was Salem, not West Salem.)
    On 5 Jun 1917, Bill's World War 1 Draft Registration Card has, William Philip FRAKES age 27, born 10 Mar 1890, Farmersburg, Indiana. He was living at 203 North Broadway, Salem, Marion County, Illinois. He was a Brakeman for the C&EI Railroad. He was single. His previous military services was for 5 years and 7 months, during which he was a Corporal in the United States Army. He was tall and slender with brown eyes and hair.
    On 27 Jun 1917, Bill was promoted to 1st Sergeant of Co. L, 9th Regiment of the Illinois National Guard. Signed by Col. Frank L. Taylor.
    On 7 Mar 1918, Bill enlisted into the United States Army, because of World War I. He was made Sergeant, 65th Company L, 9th Regiment. He went to Camp Dix, New Jersey 1 Nov 1918. The war came to an end, he therefore was never sent overseas.
    On 28 Nov 1918, Bill was Honorably Discharged as 1st Sergeant of 2nd Platoon, Company I, 130th Infantry. His statistics were: Blue eyes, brown hair, fair complexion and was 5 feet10 inches tall. He received a World War I Victory Medal. His serial number was 573554.
    On 21 Dec 1921, Bill was appointed to the rank of 1st Lieutenant of Infantry, assigned to Company L, 4th Infantry, Illinois National Guard.

    On 15 Jan 1920, the census shows William FRAKES age 27 living at 203 North Broadway in Salem, Marion County, Illinois. He was living at the home of the widowed Mrs. G. S. RAINEY age 62. Bill was a Brakeman on the Railroad. Mrs. RAINEY owned her home free of mortgage. Morris HERMAN age 30 also lived there. (Note: Mrs. RAINEY was May (McMACKIN) RAINEY, the widow of the late Dr. George S. RAINEY, who ran the Salem Hospital. Bill lived there until his marriage to Bea.)
    On 20 Jan 1924, Bill’s bachelor’s party (called a stag dinner) was given to him by his good friend Sig KAUFMAN. Sig owned Kaufman’s Clothier on the south side of the square in Salem. His name can still be seen on the store front of the building.
    When Bill and Bea married she was working at the Lyric Theatre. She sold tickets and she also played the piano for the silent films.
    Bill was a member of the Rainey Country Club, located near the present day Salem Country Club.
    On 2 Apr 1924, Bea was initiated into the Auxiliary of the organization of the B&RT (Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen), of which Bill was a member.
    On 15 Apr 1924, Bill and Bea moved into the historic Badollet House at 310 North Washington, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was the home of John W. “Button” and Eva (WELLS) WHITE. They rented the same rooms that John Thomas Scope lived in when he was attending high school in Salem. Scope of the famous “Scopes Monkey Trial.”
    On 24 Apr 1924, Bea was installed a member of the Needlework Club. The meeting was at Dr. and Mrs. RAINEY’s house.
    On 15 Sep 1924, Bill and Bea moved into the Kagy House at 421 North Broadway. It was a beautiful large home owned by L. M. KAGY and his wife. They rented rooms in the 2nd floor. The house has been torn down. It was located where the parking lot is now (2004) for the McMackin House Restaurant. Their son, Bill, was born in this house.
    On 25 Dec 1924, Bea received a gift of a beautiful tea cart from Bill for Christmas. (Note: In 2008, in the possession of William Randolph FRAKES.)
    On 7 Mar 1925, Bill and Bea took the train from Salem to St. Louis. They rented a room at Mrs. PARKINSON's at 5007 Cates Avenue.
    On 8 Mar 1925, Bill was admitted to St. Luke's Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.
    On 9 Mar 1925, Bill had surgery on a repture, which was received at work on the railroad.
    On 29 Mar 1925, Bill was released from the hospital. Dr. Warren RAINEY of St. Louis, son of Dr. George and May (McMACKIN) RAINEY, drove Bill to the rental that Bea was staying at. Dr. Warren RAINEY was the one who gave the silver serving dish with the the "F" on it to Bill and Bea as a wedding gift. (Note: In 2008, in the possession of Stephen P. H. FRAKES.)
    On 30 Mar 1925, Bill and Bea took the train home to Salem.
    In 1925, Bill and Bea moved into the Kagy home at 421 North Broadway. Renting rooms from them. The home has since been torn down, but it was a big beautiful two-story home at the time.
    In 1927, W. P. FRAKES was taking a correspondence course with the International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, Pennsylvania.
    In Sep 1927, Bill and Bea moved to the home of Mr. SHULTZ on Bennett Street. Mr. SHULTZ didn't do what he said he would do, so they left. He sued them for $10. They went to court over it and lost and had to pay $26.
    On 12 Oct 1927, Bea's brother moved in with them (Floyd Howard "Bud" MERTEN). He began working for the C&EI Railroad.
    On 12 Nov 1927, Bill's best friend died, Sig KAUFMAN.
    By Feb 1929, Bill, Bea and Billy had moved to the Merten Cottage at 334 South Castle, Salem, Marion County, Illinois. They were renting the home from Bea's parents who had moved to Harvey, Cook County, Illinois. Their son, Phil, was born in this house.
    In 1929, Bill owned a 1926 Ford Sedan. I don't know when he bought it or if he purchased it new or used.
    On 13 Feb 1930, Bill was made "Brakeman-Conductor" of the C&EI Railroad. During the Great Depression of the 30's, Bill was laid off from the railroad. He then became a policeman and also a fireman for the town of Salem. He was overseer of City Hall, where he and his family lived at the time. They lived on the second floor of city hall. It was then located on the southwest corner of Broadway and McMackin. After the depression, he went back to work for the C&EI Railroad and there worked until his retirement as an engineer.
    Bea was raised in Shattuc until she was 10 years old, when her father sold his, "J. MERTEN, DRY GOOD & GROCERIES." They then moved to Salem, where he opened up a Confectionery on Main Street.
    Bea was a Pianist. She played for many organizations and also for the First Baptist Church. She was a reporter for the local newspaper and she also played the piano for the local theatres. She was a member of the Eastern Star, Rebecca Lodge and the American Legion Auxiliary.
    On 5 Apr 1930, the census shows William P. (35) and Beatrice M. J. (30) FRAKES living at 334 South Castle in Salem, Marion County, Illinois. With them were their sons: William R. FRAKES age 4 5/12; and Phillip H. FRAKES age 1. They were renting their home at $20.00 a month. Bill was listed as a Conductor for Steam Railroad. He was also listed as a veteran of World War 1.
    From 1931 to 1934, Bill was a Salem police officer.
    On 22 Mar 1932, the Salem Republican has, "LITERARY SOCIETY AGAIN HONORS WASHINGTON. Tuesday during the regular Tuesday morning assembly period, the TaPhils presented another in the series of Washington programs celebrating the Biecentennial. The program presented "Washington, the Man," under the chairmanship of Fred MERRITT. Keller's American Hymm was sung by the assembly, led by Mr. MUELLER. The colors were presented by Mr.Harold BIGELOW, Mr. William FRAKES, Mr. Adolph CHRISTMAN, and Mr. Owen ADAMS."
    In Dec 1932, Bill and Bea were living at 320 West Church Street, Salem, Marion County, Illinois.
    On 3 Jun 1935, Bill and Bea moved, with their children, to 2nd floor if city hall in Salem.
    1935-37, William P. FRAKES was Post Commander of the Luther B. Easley Post No. 128 of the American Legion. He was a member of the American Legion from 1919 until his death in 1965.
    On 1 Oct 1941, Bill and Bea bought and moved into the historical Lemen House at 321 South Franklin Avenue, Salem, Illinois. It is the same home that Bea's father had owned when he first moved to Salem. Rev. Benjamin F. & Mary Putnam (RAND) LEMEN built the home in 1842. They were good friends of President Abraham LINCOLN, who visited them when in Salem. The Lemen's daughter, Lydia Gertrude LEMEN married Count John SOBIESKI, Prince Royal, in the home. He was heir to the throne of Poland. During the Civil War, there was a training camp across the road from the house.
    In 1947 Bill ran for Mayor of the City of Salem, unfortunately he did not win the election.
    Religiously, Bea had been christened into the German-Evangelical Church 27 Oct 1901, by Rev. G. Bohnstengel. Bea’s ancestry was German and Jewish. There was no German-Evangelical Church in the town of Shattuc, where Bea was a child, so her mother would send her to the Methodist Church. When they moved to Salem, Bea and her sister, Eunice, attended the Presbyterian Church. The Frakes family went from Church of England, to Quaker, to Baptist. Bill's parents were both Baptist. He was a spiritual man, but never belonged to an organized religion. Bea changed over to the Methodist Church and there remained until her son, William, converted to the Baptist religion, becoming an ordained Baptist minister, she then also became a Baptist.
    On 13 Feb 1965, the Salem Times-Commoner has, "PERSONALS...Salem...William Frakes is a patient in the Veterans Hospital at Marion. Mrs. FRAKES has been staying near the hospital and was home Saturday. She will be returning along with her son Phillip of Springfield to Marion."
    One rainy day, while Bea was writing a letter at her desk, she suddenly had a desire to take a walk. She had gotten no farther than one block from her home when lightning struck her home, going through the telephone line right to the desk where she had been sitting. Had she not left, she would have been killed. Thankfully, the Salem Fire Department reached the house and was able to put the fire out before it had destroyed the whole house. The first floor, however, had been mostly burned. The banister going up the stairs was burned beyond repair. It was so hot that the bedroom at the top of the stairs had a bed that the varnish began to melt. The bed was given to Bill by Mrs. RAINEY. I still have the head board. Repairs were made to the first floor and Bea was able to move back into her home.
    After a stroke, Bea had to be moved into a nursing home in Salem, where she remained until her death.
    Bill's hobbies were gardening and writing poetry. He wrote for local newspapers, as well as the London, England newspapers. Bill loved education and would often read the dictionary to improve his vocabulary. He was a member of the Order of Railway Conductors and Brakemen and Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen; Illinois Firemen's Association; The American Legion-Luther B. Eastly Post 128; Loyal Order of Moose; Odd Fellows.
    Bea was a member of the American Legion Auxiliary, Eastern Star, Birthday Club, Royal Neighbors, Auxiliary of the organization of the B&RT, National Federation of Republican Women and Rebekah's (Odd Fellows). Bea was a very good pianist. She played for all of the organizations of which she belonged. She played for a few of the churches as well.
    Bill and Bea were both very involved in politics. They were members of the Republican Party, but voted for the man in general elections.
    Grandpa Bill and and Grandma Bea both had full eventful lives and were greatly loved by their children and grandchildren and friends and relatives. I shall always carry them very dear in my heart.
    Bea died 27 days after her great-grandson, Brock Richard ADAMS and 5 days after her great-grandson, David Philip Anthony BELFIORE were born. Her obituary and their birth announcements were in the same newspaper, The Kinmundy Express, Thursday, 31 Oct 1985, Kinmundy, Marion County, Illinois.

Children of William Philip and Beatrice Margaret Julietta (MERTEN) FRAKES:

1. William Randolph "Bill" FRAKES, b. 2 Nov 1925, Salem, Marion County, Illinois.
    Bill married Betty Jean HAMMER, born 26 Jul 1929, Kinmundy, Illinois, daughter of Myron and Cloa Fern (SWIFT) HAMMER.

2. Philip Howard "Phil" FRAKES, b. 25 Feb 1929, Salem, Marion County, Illinois.
    Phil married Monna Marilyn Conant, born 17 Dec 1933, Foster Township, Marion county, Illinois, daughter of George William Conant and Grace (Bassett) Conant.

3. Julianne May "Judy" FRAKES, b. 21 Nov 1934, Salem, Marion County, Illinois.
    Judy married Howard Galloway Thurman, Jr., born 21 May 1934, Salem, Illinois, son of Howard Galloway and Ethel E. (BERG) THURMAN.

Grandchildren of William Philip & Beatrice Margaret Julietta (Merten) Frakes:
1. Marsha Lynn Frakes, born 27 Mar 1949, Salem, Illinois, daughter of Bill & Betty.
    Marsha married Timothy Paul Bagley, born 9 Jul 1946, South Norfolk, Virginia..
2. Mark Alan Frakes, born 10 Feb 1954, Cario, Illinois, son of Bill & Betty.
3. Tanya Rae Frakes, born 7 July 1955, Highland, Illinois, daughter of Phil & Monna.
    Tanya married first Roddy Alan Courtright of Louisville, Illinois.
    Tanya married second David Joseph Belfiore of Denver, Colorado.
4. Cynthia Tenae Thurman, born 16 September 1955, Salem, Illinois.
    Cyndy married Riley Cecil Cannon, born 29 Jul 1952, Bakersfield, California.
5. Stephen Philip Howard Frakes, born 2 October 1957, Highland, Illinois, son of Phil & Monna.
6. Howard Galloway "Trey" Thurman, III, born 2 April 1959, Abilene, Texas.
    Trey married 3rd Tyla (Davis) Reynolds of Bakersfield, California.
7. Van William Thurman, born 17 September 1960, Abilene, Texas.
    Van married Terri Lynne Martell of Bakersfield, Calfiornia.
8. Terri June Frakes, born 22 April 1962, Highland, Illinois, daughter of Phil & Monna.
    Terri married Richard Dale Adams of Patoka.

Great-Grandchildren of William P. & Beatrice M. J. (Merten) Frakes:
1. Nathan Roddy "Nate" Courtright, born 11 Dec 1973, Centralia, Illinois.
    Nate married Angie Jaye (Albert) Riley, born 18 Mar 1972. Marion County, Illinois.
2. Jason Paul Bagley, born 1 Apr 1975, Wichita, Kansas.
    Jason married 2nd Elizabeth Morrow Randman.
3. Jennifer Leigh Bagley, born 23 Oct 1979, Portsmouth, Virginia.
    Jen married 2nd George Thomas "Mickey" Clutts. He was born 24 Feb 1970.
4. Riley Edward Cannon, III, born 16 Feb 1981, Bakersfield, California.
    Riley married Marissa Elizabeth Mauer 27 Apr 2007, Bakersfield, California.
5. Trent Maurice Adams, born 5 Dec 1982, Centralia, Illinois.
6. William Tyler Cannon, born 11 Mar 1983, Bakersfield, California.
    Tyler married Kelly Dawn Albitre 2003, born 19 Apr 1983, Bakersfield, California.
7. Brock Richard Adams, born 26 Sep 1985, Centralia, Illinois.
    Brock married Lauren Elizabeth Matheny 2013.
8. David Philip Anthony Belfiore, born 18 Oct 1985, Orlando, Florida.
    David married 1st Samantha "Sam" Daniels 2009.
    David married 2nd Andrea Morlan 2013.
9. Brooke Nicole Thurman, born 19 Mar 1986, Bakersfield, California, daughter of Van & Terri.
    Brooke married Kevin Trent Bratcher 2012.
10. Nicole Elise Thurman, born 9 Jan 1989, Bakersfield, California, daughter of Van & Terri.
    Nicole married Jack Joseph Campbell 2011.
11. Daniel William Eli Belfiore, born 3 Feb 1992, Belleville, Illinois.
    Daniel married Erica Amber-lynn Casner 2013.
12. Jourdan Darlene Thurman born 15 Aug 1996, Bakersfield, California, daughter of Trey.

Great-Great-Grandchildren of William P. & Beatrice M. J. (Merten) Frakes:

**. Jillian Rebecca Riley, born 21 Sep 1992, Beaufort, South Carolina, Stepdaughter of Nathan Courtright.
1. Kylee Dawn Cannon, born 11 Jun 2000, Bakersfield, Kern County, California, daughter of Tyler.
2. Madison Jaye Courtright, born 29 Mar 2002, Breese, Clinton County, Illinois.
3. William Kelby Clutts, born 9 Oct 2006, Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois.
4. Jacob Cannon, born 2006, Bakersfield, Kern County, California, son of Tyler & Kelly.
5. Brooklyn Cannon, born Sep 2007, Bakersfield, Kern County, California. Daugher of Riley & Marissa.
6. Reece Daniel Cannon, born 21 December 2007, Bakersfield, Kern County, California. Son of Tyler & Kelly.
7. Myleigh Rose Clutts, born 11 Apr 2008, Maryville, Madison County, Illinois.
8. Alexandra Ann "Lexi" Bagley, born 24 Jun 2009, St. Louis County, Missouri. Twin of Addie.
9. Addison Lynn "Addie" Bagley, born 24 Jun 2009, St. Louis County, Missouri. Twin of Lexi.
10. Wyatt Rodney William Belfiore, born 17 Dec 2009, Breese, Clinton County, Illinois. Son of David and Samantha.
11. Mason Paul Clutts, born Monday, 11 Jan 2010, Maryville, Madison County, Illinois.
12. Shaun Cameron Bennett Cannon, born 24 Jun 2010, Bakersfield, Kern County, California. Son of Tyler & Kelly.
13. Jack Campbell, born May 2011, Bakersfield, Kern County, California.
14. Bobbi Julianne Cannon, born 11 Dec 2011, Bakersfield, Kern County, California. Daughter of Tyler & Kelly.
15. Audrian Elyse Martinez, born 30 Mar 2013, Bakersfield, Kern County, California. Daughter of Jourdan Thurman.
16. Ryleigh Rae Belfiore, born 6 Dec 2013, Centralia, Marion County, Illinois. Daughter of Daniel.
17. Gianna Grace Campbell, born May 2014, Bakersfield, Kern County, California.
18. Beau Trenton Bratcher, born 4 Jul 2014, Bakersfield, Kern County, California.
19. Hadleigh Drew Belfiore, born 11 Jul 2014, Breese, Clinton County, Illinois. Daughter of David and Andrea.
20. Waylon David Maverick Belfiore, born 26 Nov 2015, Breese, Clinton County, Illinois. Son of David and Andrea.

My direct line of descent from George Soule of the Mayflower is as follows:

George Soule
Susannah (Soule) West
John West
Elizabeth (West) Wheeler
James Wheeler
Abigail (Wheeler) Jayne
Hannah (Jayne) Minks
Margaret (Minks) Arthur
Hannah Margaret C. (Arthur) Frakes
William Philip Frakes
Philip Howard Frakes
Stephen Philip Howard Frakes


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