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My Family's Descent from

Master Richard Warren
who in 1620
arrived on the Mayflower

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday ever since I was a child. As I grew up and learned more about the holiday, its origin in America and anciently, I have grown to love it even more. It is a day of showing thanks but is not associated with a religion.

I have three ancestors who arrived in this country on the MAYFLOWER. Two on my mother's side of the family and one on my father's. The two on my mother's side were "Elder" William Brewster, who was the elder of the Pilgrim Church, their pastor (Check out his estate at Through The Looking Glass.) ; and "Master" Richard Warren. The ancestor from my father's side was George Soule. All three lived through the first hard winter and were at the first Festival in Plymouth, Massachusetts in the autumn of 1621. The Festival which later became known as the First Thanksgiving.

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1. "Master" Richard Warren, born 1580, England. He died 1628, Plymouth, Massachusetts, New England, America.
    Richard married Elizabeth WALKER 14 Apr 1610, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England. She was the daughter of Augustine WALKER.
    Richard was a merchant in London. He came to America on the "Mayflower" in 1620.
Their daughter:

2. Abigail Warren, born 1618, London, England, to Richard and his first wife. She died in Massachusetts.
    Abigail married Anthony Snow 8 Nov 1639, Massachusetts.
    Abigail came to America on the ship "Anne" in 1623.
Their daughter:

3.Lydia Snow, born between 1641-1651, Massachusetts. She died 17 Mar 1713, Sandwich, Massachusetts. She married Captain Stephen Skiffe. He was the son of James & Elizabeth (Cooper) Skiffe.
Their daughter:

4. Deborah Skiffe, born 14 Jul 1668, Massachusetts. She died 11 Mar 1743, Massachusetts.
    Deborah married Stephen Presbury. He was the son of John & Dorcas (Bessey) Presbury.
Their daughter:

5. Drusilla Presbury, born 1708, Massachusetts. She died 30 Nov 1763.
    Drusilla married Thomas West 17 Nov. He was the son of Abner & Jane (Look) West.
Their son:

6. John West, born 10 Apr 1735, Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard Island, Massachusetts. He died between 1770-1788, Massachusetts.
    John married Waitstill Mercy Chase 3 Jul 1758, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Abraham & Mercy (Nickerson) Chase.
Their daughter:

7. Keturah West, born 30 Oct 1770, Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard Island, Massachusetts. She died 26 Dec 1798, Tisbury.
    Keturah married Elisha Bassett, Sr. 14 Jul 1793, Massachusetts. He was the son of Nathaniel & Hannah (Hall) Bassett (Elisha is #8 descendent of William Brewster).

8. Elisha Bassett, Jr., born 28 Apr 1796, Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard Island, Massachusetts, United States of America. (All of the line were born as British citizens up until Elisha, Jr. He was the first to be born under a new government.) He died 22 Feb 1861, Jefferson County, Indiana.
    Elisha, Jr. married Elizabeth Foster 20 Feb 1816, Jefferson County, Indiana. She was the daughter of Gabriel & Permelia (Campbell) Foster. (The Fosters were from Southampton, Long Island, New York.)
Their son:

9. Harvey Foster Bassett, born 14 Jan 1820, Jefferson County, Indiana. (The first of the family to be born outside of Massachusetts.) He died 20 Jan 1890, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. Just after his 70th birthday. (He was the first of the family in Marion County, Illinois.)
    Harvey married 1st Mary Sullivan.
    Harvey married 2nd Sarah Chilton 11 Aug 1856, Jackson County, Indiana. (Note: Line of descent has been proven and documented for Harvey Foster Bassett from Elder William BREWSTER and accepted with the Mayflower Society.)
Their son:

10. Elmer Bassett, born 29 Aug 1871, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. He died 10 Nov 1950, Foster Township.
    Elmer married Maggie McWhirter 3 Oct 1897. She was the daughter of Charles Pitts & Rebecca (Hammer) McWhirter.
Their daughter:

11. Grace Bassett, born 14 Feb 1903, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. She died 27 Dec 1979, Centralia, Marion County, Illinois.
    Grace married George William Conant 24 Dec 1920, Foster Township. He was the son of Eli & Valina (Owens) Conant.

Children of George William & Grace (Bassett) Conant:
1. Lyle Eli Conant, born 1 Dec 1921 and died 24 Sep 1988. Buried in Sandy Branch Cemetery.
    Joan Evelyn Redden of Northamptonshire, England.
2. Elmer Dale Conant, born 28 Sep 1925 and died 29 Jun 1961. Buried in Sandy Branch Cemetery.
3. Betty Lou Conant, born 31 May 1927. Betty married 1st Charles Robert See.
4. Marjorie Edith Conant, born 15 Dec 1929.
    Marge married Darrell Floyd Jones.
5. Donna June Conant, born 1 Jun 1932 and died 31 Jul 1946. Buried in Sandy Branch Cemetery.
6. Monna Marilyn "Polly" Conant, born 17 Dec 1933.
    Monna married Philip Howard Frakes.

Grandchildren of George William & Grace (Bassett) Conant:
1. Lyle Conant Redden, born 28 Aug 1944, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England.
    Lyle married Diana Kathleen Page. She was born 25 Sep 1945.
2. Connie LaDon Jones, born 15 Sep 1949, Marion County, Illinois.
    Connie James Ray Brubaker. He was born 8 Jul 1946, Salem, Illinois.
3. Stanley Floyd "Stan" Jones, born 31 Oct 1951, Salem, Illinois.
    Stan Linda Gayle Mitchell. She was born 12 Jul 1952, Salem, Illinois.
4. Pamela Renee "Pam" See, born 29 Mar 1953, Oak Park, Illinois.
    Pam married Douglas Mark Fontana. He was born 30 Jul 1955, Phoenix, Arizona.
5. Roger Merle Jones, born 21 Aug 1953, Salem, Illinois.
    Roger married Cathy Ann DeVore. She was born 2 Jan 1956, Salem, Illinois.
6. Tanya Rae Frakes, born 7 Jul 1955, Highland, Illinois.
    Tanya married 1st Roddy Alan Courtright.
    Tanya married 2nd David Joseph Belfiore.
7. Stephen Philip Howard Frakes, born 2 Oct 1957, Highland, Illinois.
8. Terri June Frakes, born 22 Apr 1962, Highland, Illinois.
    Terri married Richard Dale Adams. He was born 9 May 1961, Centralia, Illinois.

Great-Grandchildren of George William & Grace (Bassett) Conant:
1. Bernadette Joan Redden, born 2 Sep 1967, Northamptonshire, England.
    Bernadette married Jonathan Mark Frisby. He was born 13 Feb 1963.
2. Louise Catherine Redden, born 23 Jun 1970, Northamptonshire, England.
    Louise married Phillip Paul Mortimer. He was born 10 Sep 1972.
3. Nathan Roddy Alan Courtright, born 11 Dec 1973, Centralia, Illinois.
    Nathan Angela Jaye "Angie" (Albert) Riley. She was born 18 Mar 1972.
4. Stephanie Joan "Steph" Brubaker, born 7 Nov 1975, Litchfield, Illinois.
    Stephanie married Matthew Alan Lawson.
3. Ryan Stanton Jones, born 4 Jun 1978, Centralia, Illinois.
4. Benjamin James "Ben" Brubaker, born 21 Feb 1979 in Litchfield, Illinois.
    Ben Jennifer Kaye "Jenny" Graham. She was born 17 Sep 1980.
5. Denise Lynn Jones, born 10 Feb 1981, Centralia, Illinois.
6. Joseph Adam "Joey" Jones, born 3 Jul 1981, Centralia, Illinois.
    Joey married Candice Michelle MALONE.
7. Trent Maurice Adams, born 5 Dec 1982, Centralia, Illinois.
8. Elaine Nichole "Elly" Jones, born 29 Sep 1983, St. Louis, Missouri.
    Elly married 1st Justin Joseph Grzegorek.
    Elly married 2nd Troy Owens.
9. Dustin Kade "Dusty" Jones, born 23 Aug 1985, Effingham, Illinois.
10. Brock Richard Adams, born 26 Sep 1985, Centralia, Illinois.
    Brock married Lauren Elizabeth Matheny 2013.
11. David Philip Anthony Belfiore, born 18 Oct 1985, Orlando, Florida.
    David married 1st Samantha "Sam" Daniels.
    David married 2nd Andrea Morlan.
12.Daniel William Eli Belfiore, born 3 Feb 1992, Belleville, Illinois.
    Daniel married Erica Amber-lynn Casner.

Great-Great-Grandchildren of George William & Grace (Bassett) Conant:
1. Christopher James Frisby, born 3 Nov 1991, Northamptonshire Engalnd.
2. Matthew Lyle Mortimer, born 3 Oct 1997, Northamptonshire, England.
3. Thomas Phillip Mortimer, born 17 Feb 1999, Northamptonshire, England.
4. Mitchell Connor Frisby, born 17 Dec 1999, Northamptonshire, England.
5. Madison Jaye Courtright, born 29 Mar 2002, Breese, Illinois.
6. Jayden Mikeal McClelland , born 5 Aug 2002, son of Elaine "Elly" Jones and Mikeal McClelland.
7. Wyatt Joseph Jones, born 10 May 2006, Breese, Clinton County, Illinois, son of Joey and Candice.
8. Macee Lynn Grzegorek, born 28 Sep 2006.
9. Emie Jones, born 2007, daughter of Joey and Candice.
10. Hannah Grace Lawson, born 31 Dec 2008, Rush Copley Hospital, Aurora, Kane County, Illinois.
11. Wyatt Rodney William Belfiore, born 17 Dec 2009. Son of David & Samantha.
12. Emma Eileen "Emmie" Brubaker, born Saturday, 23 Jan 2010.
13. Grace Marie "Gracie" Brubaker, born 26 Apr 2012.
14. Ryleigh Rae Belfiore, born 6 Dec 2013, Centralia, Marion County, Illinois. Daughter of Daniel and Erica.
15. child Owens, born 2014, Illinois.
16. Hadleigh Drew Belfiore, born 11 Jul 2014, Breese, Clinton County, Illinois. Daughter of David and Andrea.
17. Grayson Leo Adams, born 17 Aug 2015, Effingham, Effingham County, Illinois. Son of Brock & Lauren.
18. Waylon David Maverick Belfiore, born 26 Nov 2015, Breese, Clinton County, Illinois. Son of David and Andrea.

Our MAYFLOWER line of descent from William BREWSTER to Harvey Foster BASSETT has been proven and documented with the Society of Mayflower Descendants. This was due in great part, to Rex and Marguerite McCARTY of Casselberry, Florida. They have membership in the Society from Harvey Foster BASSETT to his daughter Mary Catherine BASSETT MARSHALL to her daughter Etta MARSHALL McCARTY to her son John Marshall McCARTY to his son Rex McCARTY. The Warren line has also been proven, but has not been documented with the Society of Mayflower Descendants.

My direct line of descent from Richard Warren of the Mayflower is as follows:

Richard Warren
Abigail (Warren) Snow
Lydia (Snow) Skiff
Deborah (Skiff) Presbury
Drusilla (Presbury) West
John West
Keturah West who married Elisha Bassett, Sr.
Elisha Bassett,Jr.
Harvey Foster Bassett
Elmer Bassett
Grace (Bassett) Conant
Monna Marilyn (Conant) Frakes
Stephen P.H. Frakes
and sisters
(Tanya Rae (Frakes)(Courthright)Belfiore)
(Terri June (Frakes) Adams)


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Compiled by:
(10-Greats-Grandson of Richard Warren)

Stephen P. H. Frakes
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Salem, Illinois 62881-2120

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