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Harvey Foster Bassett
Jefferson and Jackson Counties, Indiana
Marion County, Illinois

Harvey Foster Bassett, born 14 Jan 1820, Jefferson County, Indiana, son of Elisha and Elizabeth (FOSTER) BASSETT, Jr. (See 7th Generation). He died 20 Jan 1890, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. He is buried in Sandy Branch Cemetery, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois.

In 1840, Harvey was living with his father in Republican Township, Jefferson County, Indiana.

Harvey married 1st Mary SULLIVAN 2 Sep 1841, Jefferson County, Indiana. They were married by Jacob M. COX. They got their license on 30 Aug 1841 and married on the 2nd of September. Signed by William H. Matthews, Clerk of the Jefferson County Circuit Court.

Mary was born 13 Jun 1820. She died 27 Aug 1854, Jefferson County, Indiana. She is buried in the Ford Cemetery, Section 21 of Smyrna Township, Jefferson County, Indiana. This is located on the Ford Farm on Deputy Pike, west of Volga. The photo of her grave stone is on the left. They were living in Jackson County when she died and he took her back to Jefferson County to be buried in the family grave yard. Her brother is also buried there, along with his family. Nathan SULLIVAN 7 Apr 1816 - 19 Dec 1865.

On 11 Sep 1850, the census shows Harvy (39) and Mary (39) BASSET living in Redding Township, Jackson County, Indiana. With them were their children, Angeline S. age 5, and Mary C. age 1. Of course Angleline should be Algernon. Harvey's real estate was valued at $800.00.

Harvey married second to Sarah CHILTON, 14 Aug 1856, Jackson County, Indiana. They were married by William GILLUSPY, minister. They got their license on the 13 and were married on the 14th. Signed by Circuit County Clerk, Daniel H. Long.

Sarah was born 12 Oct 1838(1835), Jennings County, Indiana or Henry County, Kentucky, daughter of Thomas and Jane (RANSDELL) CHILTON). She died 6 May 1907, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. (The newspaper says she died Sunday, 5 May 1907, not Monday the 6th.) She is buried next to Harvey in the Sandy Branch Cemetery, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. He has a tall monument on his grave, which is located on the very southern section of the cemetery. Thomas was the son of John and Ellen (STEWART) CHILTON. John was the son of George and Mary E. (BALL) CHILTON. George was the son of John and Letitia (BLACKWELL) CHILTON. John was said to have been a hero during the American Revolution. He died in the Battle of Brandywine. There is a diary of his in a book titled, "Fauquier County In The Revolution." by Russell and Gott. His diary ended two days before his death. He lived in Virginia. John was the son of Thomas and Jemima (COOK) CHILTON. The Chiltons owned the plantation, "Rock Springs," in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Thomas was the son of John and Letitia (BALL) CHILTON. John was from England. He was the son of John and Catherine (HENEAGE) CHILTON. John was the son of John and Isabel (ATKINSON) CHILTON of Maidstone, England.

Sarah (CHILTON) BASSETT was a 2nd cousin, twice removed of Elizabeth (CHILTON) ADAMS of Patoka, wife of Thornton ADAMS ancestors of the Patoka and Carrigan Township ADAMS Family in Marion County, Illinois and of the East Fork Township, Clinton County, Illinois ADAMS Family.

Harvey was born and raised in Jefferson County, Indiana. Sometime after he married his first wife, Mary, he moved to Jackson County Indiana, as he was living there in the 1850 census. It was in Jackson County that he married his 2nd wife, Sarah.

By 22 Apr 1858, Harvey had moved his family to Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. He purchased the SE1/4 of the NE1/4 of Section 22 (40 acares) and the NW1/4 of the SE1/4 in Section 22 (80 acres) and the S1/2 of the NW1/4 Section 23 (80 acres) for a total of 200 acres. He paid $2,000.00 in cash and paid the remaining $1,000.00 on 9 Nov 1860. He bought the land from Richard and Sarah VICKRY, who had bought it from the government. The Vickry’s had moved to Turrant County, Texas. This land had very little improvements and was practically a wilderness. All it had was a log cabin to live in.

On 26 Aug 1860, the census shows Harvey F. (40) and Sarah (23) BASSETT living in Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. With them were their children Eugene S. age 15, Mary C. age 11, and Sarah A. age 9, Arthina B. age 3 and Erick H. age 1. (Obvious misspellings of some of the names.) Harvey was a farmer.

It wasn't long after their arrival in Illinois that the peaceful life of the farm had to be shattered. The southern states and the northern states began to have a hatred for each other. The issue of slavery was the instigating issue. Abraham LINCOLN was elected as the 16th President of the United states of America. Although the states were not so united. He was elected in 1860. On the 4th of February, 1861, representatives from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina met in a convention at Montgomery, Alabama, and founded a new government (the CONFEDERATE STATES of AMERICA). They were joined later by delegates from Texas. Jefferson DAVIS was made President, and Alexander H. STEPHENS was Vice-President. Later other states joined the Confederate States; North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas and Virginia. Virginia divided over this and the counties in the northwestern part of Virginia split and called itself Kanawha and was admitted to the Union two years later as West Virginia.

Harvey was not a slave owner and he did not believe in slavery. Illinois was not a slave state, but a few people had them in the southern part of the state. Harvey was a patriotic man and he believed what the United States of America stood for, being from an old New England family, so when the Civil War began, he was ready to fight in order to keep the nation from falling apart.

Harvey joined and was mustered into the United States military at Salem, Marion County, Illinois, 18 Sep 1862. He was in Company I of the 111th Illinois Infantry. They remained at Camp Marshall in Salem until 31 Oct 1862, when it numbered 930 officers and enlisted men. Harvey and the 111th was camped in Kentucky when Harvey’s son, Algernon Sidney BASSETT, caught up with him, after joining the same Company I. They began their trek through Tennessee, Mississippi and to Alabama. It was near Huntsville, Alabama where “Sid” was hospitalized with typhoid fever in 1864. Sid spent the remainder of the war in at least two other hospitals. One in Nashville, Tennessee and one in Mound City, Illinois. He was mustered out from the Army General Hospital in Mound City, Illinois.

Harvey continued in the army throughout the war. From Alabama he went to Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and eventually to Washington, D.C.

Harvey was mustered out of service 7 Jun 1865 (although medical records show him being mustered out in July), in Washington, D.C. and took the train back home to Marion County, Illinois.

His medical records are as follows: Catarrh, 12 to 14 of November, 1862; Catarrh, 21 Jul to 23 Jul 1864; Rheumatism, 11 Apr to 5 May 1865; 8 May to 6 Jul 1865; and 8 Jul to 11 Jul 1865.

General Robert E. LEE surrendered to the Union Army on the morning of Apr 1865. On 14 Apr 1865, President Abraham LINCOLN was shot in the head in Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C. He died early the next morning. Vice President Andrew JOHNSON then became the 15th President of the United states of America. President Lincoln, doing what seemed like impossibility, brought our nation through its greatest trial since the American Revolutionary War. Lincoln's plan for forgiveness and restoration of the southern states died with his death. To this day a dislike ness is felt between the north and the south.

Life in Illinois was getting back to normal. Most all families had lost someone dear to them in the war, but they went on with their lives. The Bassett Family were most fortunate as both Harvey and “Sid” survived the war, and neither were wounded, although they fought in many battles.

Harvey built a nice two-story "Saltbox" style home on his land just south of the log cabin. It consisted of two bedrooms upstairs and downstairs he had two bedrooms, a parlor and a combined kitchen-dinning room. He also had a large stock barn and several out-buildings. This house was built in front of the old log cabin. It was located on north and west side Sandy Branch Road where the curve of the road goes from south to west. This is west of Garrett Road. The house was torn down in the year 2000, after the property had been sold out of the family. A new smaller home is located there today.

In 1867 on the 27th of June, Harvey bought 80 more acres from Joseph C. and Martha WILTON for $1,000.00. It was NW1/4 of the NW1/4 Section 22 and SW1/4 of the SW1/4 of Section 15 both in Foster Township. (F-69)

On 21 Jun 1870, The census shows Harvey (50) and Sarah (35) BASSETT still living on the home place in Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. With them were children Sarah age 18 and Belle age 12, Ancil age 10, Lafayette age 9, and Charles age 1. Also with them was Harvey's son and his wife, Sidney age 25 and Ellen age 21. Their post office was Lester. Harvey was a farmer. His real estate was valued at $4,000.00. His personal property was valued at $800.00. Sidney was listed as farmer.

In 1876 on the 24th of February, Harvey bought 40 acres from Joseph and Ellen B. HANNUM. It was NW1/4 of theSE1/4 of Section 27 of Foster Township. It cost $245.00. (28-341)

In 1879 on the 3rd of October, Harvey purchased 40 acres from William C. DORRIS. It was the NE1/4 of the SW1/4 of Section 22, Foster Township. It cost $400.00. (24-521)

On 22 Jun 1880, the census shows Harvey S. (60) and Sarah (47) BASSETT in Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. With them were their children Ancil H. age 20, Layfaett age 18 and Emer age 8. Also living there was their hired hand, John WHEELER age 25.

In 1883 on the 22 December, Harvey purchased from his son, Sid, land in Section 23 of Foster Township for $100.00. (37-420) Sid moved to Cooke County, Texas with his family.

In 1884 on the 24 of June, Harvey once again purchased land. This time in section 23 from A. STONE. It was the SESESE1/4 in Foster Township for the price of $50.00. (W-300)

There were some other purchases but I don’t have the acreage listed. He owned around 400 acres of land in Sections 15, 22, 23 and 27 of Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois.

Harvey and Sarah worked hard, as all Illinois farmers had to do, but they prospered and provided well for their children.

On 14 Feb 1890, the “Centralia Sentinel” has, “Harvey F. Bassett was born January 14, 1820, and died January 20 1890, aged 70 years and six days. He was twice married, his second wife surviving him. He served in the war of the rebellion in the 111th Illinois Infantry, and was at the time of his death a member of the Wm. A. Smith Post G. A. R. at this place. He was a man who was respected by all who knew him. Was an honorable, conscientious man, and kind neighbor and faithful friend, and his loss to the community is deplored by a large circle of friends, whose sympathies are with the bereaved wife and children.”

After Harvey's death, Sarah continued to live in the homestead. Her son Elmer lived there with her and he took over the farm. She applied for a pension, which she received because she was a widow of a Union Soldier of the Civil War.

In 1900, Sarah was visited by her daughter and husband from Oklahoma, James B. and Arthena Belle ALTUM. When they returned home, Sarah went with them. Photo from that visit follows:

In the photo, back, left to right: Arthena Belle (BASSETT) ALTUM, Maggie (McWHIRTER) BASSETT, Gage BASSETT being held by Elmer BASSETT, Mary Illinoi (ARNOLD) BASSETT. Front, left to right: Harvey LaFayette BASSETT, James B. ALTUM, Sarah (CHILTON) BASSETT, LaFayette BASSETT, holding Clyde Charles BASSETT.

On 29 Jun 1900, the census shows Sarah BASSETT was living in the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) with her son-in-law and daughter, James B. and Arthena B. ALTUM. Living next to them was Oliver H. and Lora B. ALTUM and daughter Agnes C. Also livng next to them were Henry A. and Mary B. BASSETT and their children, Ernest O., James A., Lena C., Ralph and Sadie L. They lived Township 5 South, Range 2 West.

Sarah lived to see two of her children die, two of her grandchildren and one great-grandchild die. But also she lived to see 15 of her grandchildren born and six great-grandchildren.

On Thursday, 9 May 1907, the “Kinmundy Express” has, “Mrs. Sarah BASSETT, an aged lady residing about eight miles west of this city, died Sunday night after an illness of several months. The funeral service was held yesterday afternoon at two o’clock.”

Politically, Harvey was a member of the Republican Party. He held several township offices and took a great interest in politics.

He was a member of the Methodist-Episcopal Church.

The Bassett’s were a highly respected and a well known family, thus carrying on the great British name of Bassett.

Children of Harvey Foster and Elizabeth (FOSTER) BASSETT:

1. Elizabeth Jane BASSETT, born 18 Sep 1842 and died 19 Sep 1842, Indiana.

2. Frances Ann BASSETT, born 3 Apr 1844 and died 4 Apr 1844, Indiana.

3. Algernon Sidney "Sid" BASSETT, born 29 Mar 1845, Indiana.
    Sid married Frances Ellen NICHOLS. This branch of the family moved to Cooke County, Texas, near Gainesville.

4. Mary Catherine BASSETT, born 5 Feb 1849, Indiana.
    Mary married Early MARSHALL. The Marshall's remained in Marion County, Illinois.

5. Sarah Armilda BASSETT, born 8 May 1851, Jackson County, Indiana.
    Sarah married Early MARSHALL, widower of her sister Mary Catherine.

6. Permelia BASSETT, born 2 Mar 1854, Jackson County, Indiana. She died 10 Jun 1877, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. She is buried in Sandy Branch Cemetery. Her photo at right.

Children of Harvey Foster and Sarah (CHILTON) BASSETT:

7. Arthena Bell BASSETT, born 16 Oct 1857, Jackson County, Indiana.
    Bell married James B. ALTOM/ALTUM. This branch of the family moved to Cooke County, Texas, near Gainesville. They also lived for a time in Indian Territory (Oklahoma).

8. Ancel Henry BASSETT, born 22 Aug 1859, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois.
    Henry married Mary McCUNE. He was named for his Uncle, who died a few days later. He moved to Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas, but later moved back to Marion County, Illinois.

9. LaFayette BASSETT, born 4 Mar 1861, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois.
    Lafe married Mary Illinoi ARNOLD. It is spelled Layfaette in the Harvey Foster Bassett Family Bible. It is spelled Lafayette on his grave stone. Lived in Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois.

10. Angel BASSETT, born 22 Jan 1867 and died 24 Jan 1867, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois.

11. Charles BASSETT, born 18 Dee 1868 and died 20 Feb 1977, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. Buried in Sandy Branch Cemetery.

12. Elmer BASSETT, born 29 Aug 1871, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois.
    Elmer married Margaret "Maggie" McWHIRTER. Lived in the home place in Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois.

Direct Line of Descent

1. Master William BASSETT, born circa 1600, England. William died between 3 Apr 1667 and 12 May 1667, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, New England. His parentage has never been proven.
    William married 1st Elizabeth ___?___ in England. Elizabeth died before 1650. Her last name is not known.
    In July 1621, William and Elizabeth set sail for New England on the ship "Fortune."
    On 11 Nov 1621, they arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts, New England.

2. William BASSETT, Jr., born 1624, Plymouth, Massachusetts, New England, son of William and Elizabeth (___?___) BASSETT. Wm Jr. died 10 Jun 1670, Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts.
    William married Mary RAYNESFORD 1652. Mary was born 1 Jun 1632, Boston, Massachusetts, New England, daughter of Elder Edward and Mary (___?___) RAYNESFORD. Mary died 12 Apr 1694, Falmouth, Massachusetts, New England.

3. Colonel William BASSETT, born 1656, Massachusetts, New England, son of William and Mary (RAYNESFORD) BASSETT, Jr. Col. BASSETT died 29 Sep 1721, Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts.
    William married Rachel WILLISON 9 Oct 1675, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Thomas WILLISON of Tauton, Massachusetts. The name was also spelled WILLINTON, WILLISTON, WILDINSON.

4. William BASSETT, IV, born 1680, Sandwich, Massachusetts, New England, son of Colonel William and Rachel (WILLISON) BASSETT. William died 3 Feb 1744, Sandwich, Massachusetts, New England. William and Abigail are buried in the Sandwich Burying Ground, Sandwich, Massachusetts.
    William married Abigail BOURNE 3 Feb 1709. She was born 22 Jul 1684, Sandwich, Massachusetts, New England, daughter of Elisha and Patience (SKIFF) BOURNE. Abigail died 15 Feb 1764,Sandwich, Massachusetts, New England.

5. Nathaniel Bassett, born 15 October 1719, Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, New England, son of William and Abigail (BOURNE) BASSETT. Nathaniel died 12 Oct 1814, Falmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts.
    Nathaniel married Hannah HALL 4 Ju11745, Yarmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (SEARS) HALL.

6. Elisha Bassett, Sr., born 11 Feb 1761, Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, New England, the son of Nathaniel and Hannah (HALL) BASSETT. Elisha died 28 Sep 1814, Hamilton County, Ohio, United States of America. He was buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Smyrna Township, Jefferson County, Indiana. He is listed there by the Daughters of the American Revolution.
    Elisha married 2nd Keturah WEST, 14 Jul 1793, Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard Island, Dukes County, Massachusetts. She was born 30 Oct 1770, Tisbury, Martha’s Vineyard Island, Massachusetts, the daughter of John and Waitstill Mercy (CHASE) WEST.

7. Elisha Bassett, Jr., born 28 April 1796, Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard Island, Duke County, Massachusetts, United States of America, son of Elisha and Keturah (WEST) BASSETT. Elisha died 22 February 1860, Jefferson County, Indiana. (Note: There is a conflict with his death date. The Harvey Foster Bassett Bible has his death date as 22 Feb 1860, yet he is in the census dated June 1860. Mary Ann remarried Aug 1863, so they must have the wrong year in the bible.)
    Elisha married 1st Elizabeth FOSTER 20 Feb 1816, Jefferson County, Indiana. She was born 1794, Springfield Township, Hamilton County, Ohio, daughter of Gabriel and Permelia (CAMPBELL) FOSTER. Elizabeth died 1847, Jefferson County, Indiana.

8. Harvey Foster BASSETT, (See at top of page.)

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Arthena Bell Bassett Altum Scott
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Ancel Henry Bassett
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9th child born to Harvey Foster Bassett
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Elmer and Maggie (McWhirter) Bassett
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There are chapters 1 thru 16, including most of the descendents of Harvey Foster Bassett by his two wives, Mary Sullivan Bassett and Sarah Chilton Bassett.


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(Great-Great-Grandson of Harvey Foster and Sarah (Chilton) Bassett)

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